Best Business-Related Twitter Hashtags

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Twitter hashtags can fuel conversations deeper than #GoldenGlobesChat or #WhatDidLadyGagaWearThisTime. They can be used for business – networking, industry news, customer engagement and innovative trends. You just need to know where to look! Our CEO Lauren Perkins collaborated with The Young Entrepreneur Council and The Huffington Post on her favorite business-related hashtags. Her answers were […]

Social Interview: Calvin Lee of Mayhem Studios

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This month we interviewed Calvin Lee of Mayhem Studios, a graphic designer who is extremely social media savvy. He is a “Self-Proclaimed Media Ho, Designer Guy and Twitter Addict. In his spare time, Stunt Doubles for the Hulk and a really Nice Guy!”. His Twitter bio is just indicative of his personality, which is a mix of professionalism and fun and he comes off as an all around nice guy who doesn’t take himself seriously. If you know of Calvin or if you have no clue who he is then read a little further as we get an in depth look into who he is and where he comes from. Ladies and Gentlemen, Calvin Lee:

Optimizing Your Twitter Presence

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As the world continues its transition to the digital space, the majority of companies have realized that social media is an essential piece of the marketing puzzle, Twitter being a key player. The site has experienced exponential growth over the past couple years, with 23.5 million unique visitors per month being reported in February 2010. […]

Should Interns Run Social Media Campaigns?

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Incorporating social media into your marketing efforts is essential in this digital world. While some businesses have decided to embark on this on their own, by assigning the task to their marketing department, others have turned to what they consider to be the most cost-effective solution – hiring a summer intern. From the perspective of […]

ECA World Fitness Continues to THRIVE!

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Congratulations to Perks client ECA World Fitness for successfully hosting ECA/THRIVE Miami 2009!  ECA/THRIVE united experts and innovators from the fitness industry to share ideas, take classes and showcase the newest fitness products. Perks supported the ECA event with a pre-event Twitter campaign, sharing health and wellness industry news as well as the classes and […]

Twitter: Launching Your Small Business in the Social Networking World

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Posted by Sumontro Roy. With the growing popularity of Twitter and major brands already interacting online, it’s important for Small Businesses to understand the value of “becoming social.” How important is it to be socially active? Ah, but it is extremely important! Building strong relationships with your target market is more important than ever before. […]

The Aftermath: Post-Networking Event Follow Up

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So, you did your research and attended a networking event that you were well-prepared for. What’s next? Networking doesn’t stop when the cracker plate is empty and everyone has gone home. The steps you take after a networking event are an essential part of effective networking. Next time you return from a networking event, follow […]

Keeping Up to Speed: The Art of Online Research

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There’s no doubt about it, the world is a busy place. With the evolution of the ways we receive news and the overabundance of information, it seems impossible to keep up. And you’re a busy person. So, how do you keep up to date with all of the occurances in your business, in your market, […]

Navigating the Social Media World: Tricks and Trends

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Social Media is THE word, THE trend, and THE future of our world. Just like the internet, it’s here to stay. It’s an unstoppable movement and it’s everywhere! Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, You Tube. Young kids use it, college students, CEOs, entrepreneurs, moms and dads: social media stretches across all ages, all places, and […]

Social media for social change

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A recent article in Time magazine, focused on the way Twitter has changed the face of the communication landscape.  Though criticized at first for being superficial and lacking substance, Twitter conversation has taken a more meaningful turn lately. Believe it or not, Twitter has evolved from an outlet for those with increasingly short attention spans […]