End of year round-up: Must-have apps & accessories – The 11 things for your business you didn’t know you couldn’t live without

By Lauren |

Most of us have figured out the go-to, day-to-day gadgets we rely on for our work – a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. But the array of accessories and apps out there for the enterprise user can be an overwhelming one. Here’s a quick list of the on-the-go apps and tech accessories that have now become must-haves in the entrepreneur’s arsenal.

Perks Consulting CEO Lauren Perkins Honored As Official G20-Y US Ambassador

By Lauren |

Innovation in technology and communication has fundamentally changed human behavior across the world. The pace of change and its potential impact, specifically in mobile and social media, continues to scale at an exponential rate. As a result, the world has become more interconnected. If harnessed correctly, innovation provides two solutions to current global challenges – GDP growth and job creation. If this isn’t addressed soon the existing divisions between ‘citizens and governments’ and ‘customers and corporations’ will continue to grow.

Zipcar Innovates Social Shopping With New Facebook Reservations App

By damienbasile |

When it comes to lifestyle innovation, the car industry is definitely doing their part to push things forward. The latest in a line of digital disruption is Zipcar allowing customers to reserve a car on Facebook, thus moving the social commerce needle forward. Why is this important? According to a survey done by Zipcar, 88% of their customers spend […]

New Tech Obsession: Skitch

By Perks |

In a collaborative environment, the ability to easily share and provide feedback on files and ideas is essential. And while it’s still in beta, Skitch is a webservice that turns out to be the perfect solution for these needs. Skitch was created by the folks at plasq.com, a company dedicated to creating fun, inspiring computer […]


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DataRockit Launches Disruptive Contest, Driving Technology Innovation May 24, 2010 (New York, NY) At the height of the online privacy debate, DataRockit, a leader in data services technology, is opening up its 3.1B criminal, consumer, sex offender and real estate records for an application development contest. Launching today, with TechCrunch Disrupt, the contest challenges developers […]