2009: The Six Month Checkpoint

By claire |

June 1… 2009 is officially halfway over.  Think back to the beginning of the year. Remember all of those promises and resolutions that you made to yourself? Expand business x%…cut costs by y dollars…hang on through tough times.  Well, it’s time to check in with all of those business promises we optimistically made six months […]

The Merits of Focus: is your Business and Brand Strategy focused enough?

By perksconsulting |

Posted By: Sumontro Roy, strategy@perksconsulting.com In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Toyota’s incoming President Akio Toyoda said about the company founded by his grandfather: It has gotten too fancy for its own good. Driven by the goal of “…becoming the world’s largest auto maker…” and “high operating-profit objectives”, Toyota presumed that American consumers would […]