End of year round-up: Must-have apps & accessories – The 11 things for your business you didn’t know you couldn’t live without

By Lauren |

Most of us have figured out the go-to, day-to-day gadgets we rely on for our work – a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. But the array of accessories and apps out there for the enterprise user can be an overwhelming one. Here’s a quick list of the on-the-go apps and tech accessories that have now become must-haves in the entrepreneur’s arsenal.

Optimizing Your Twitter Presence

By Perks |

As the world continues its transition to the digital space, the majority of companies have realized that social media is an essential piece of the marketing puzzle, Twitter being a key player. The site has experienced exponential growth over the past couple years, with 23.5 million unique visitors per month being reported in February 2010. […]

Leveraging Your LinkedIn Profile

By Perks |

Did you know that a new member joins LinkedIn approximately every second? LinkedIn is a popular social networking site for those seeking to learn about new job opportunities, to connect with co-workers, to research companies in their industry and to find the right people who can help advance their business goals. A LinkedIn profile is […]

Dressing the Part for Networking Events

By claire |

Everyone’s feeling a little spunky around this time of year. Those of you who are still in touch with their inner child are looking forward to Halloween and dressing up. Those who have children are busy buying and coordinating costumes. We all look forward to this day to put on our wildest and enjoy the […]

Link in to a whole new network!

By claire |

Linkedin is based on a simple philosophy, “Relationships matter.” In today’s competitive and tough economic landscape, it has become more important than ever to maintain and cultivate your relationships. Linkedin is considered to be the #1 social media platform for professional networking. Launched in 2003, Linkedin has grown into an online network that only a […]

Facebook: Building your Brand Online

By claire |

Social networking is on everyone’s lips nowadays. No wonder. Not since the Internet took over people’s minds, money and time have we seen such a boom in the world of social and business networking. Social media is free and for everyone. What differs though is how people choose to utilize the social media platforms. Take […]

Twitter: Launching Your Small Business in the Social Networking World

By claire |

Posted by Sumontro Roy. With the growing popularity of Twitter and major brands already interacting online, it’s important for Small Businesses to understand the value of “becoming social.” How important is it to be socially active? Ah, but it is extremely important! Building strong relationships with your target market is more important than ever before. […]

How to Choose the Right Networking Events

By claire |

When considering what networking events to attend it is important to be strategic in order to garner the results you seek. First of all, you must identify what kind of people you are hoping to connect with. What are your goals? What do you want to get out of the event? What people are you […]