Moving Social Media into the White House

By claire |

The Obama-Biden campaign was a clear confirmation that we as citizens hold a tremendous amount of power and, when we unite, that power creates change. Uniting an entire nation was no easy task, but the use of emerging social media in the campaign was the most effective way to connect a nation. By leveraging the […]

Twitter’s “Sexiest Man Alive”

By claire |

Last Tuesday, Actor Hugh Jackman (of X-Men fame) announced via Twitter that he plans to donate $100,000 to an individual nonprofit organization.  Here’s the catch, he’s going to choose the organization based on how Twitter users leverage their 140-character Tweets to describe their favorite cause. For those of you who have been living under a rock, […]

Come Tweet With Us!

By Perks |

This week, the Perks Consulting team headed over to the Marriott Marquis hotel for the ECA/OBOW New York convention – a bi-annual meet-up for all the fitness gurus, well-being fanatics and health specialists. With as many as sixty presenters workshopping and hosting classes, the four day event was buzzing to be sure. So what were […]