Q3 Wrap-Up, Q4 Ramp-up

By claire |

As the third quarter draws to a close and the economy is not as stable as predicted, it’s time for some reflection.  Call a meeting with your team to discuss how third quarter, and the year as a whole, has gone for everyone.  Relive roadblocks and successes, brainstorm strategies to finish the year strong.  Here […]

Social Media: What is it and does it work?

By claire |

Businesses that survive, and even thrive, during a recession aren’t afraid to be innovative and take risks. At a time when your consumers and clients are pinching their wallets closed even tighter, it is crucial to establish a strong brand presence and highlight what makes your business stand out. Enter social media.   “Social media” […]

Selling Luxury During a Downturn

By claire |

As discussed in a previous blog, women are willing (and in some cases a little too willing) to break out the wallet for beauty during troubled times. Still having trouble keeping your beauty business afloat? Here are a few quick tips about how to keep women looking gorgeous during a recession. 1. Give your marketing […]

Why We Still Shell out for Lipstick During Tough Times

By claire |

In 2008, Americans spent $11 billion on self-help and self-improvement materials, including books,CDs and personal coaching. Newsflash: We’re in a recession!  So why are people still paying for products that aren’t the bare essentials? Because, in addition to selling self-improvement, these motivational materials are selling something that’s been missing from the global market as of late: […]

Economic Recovery: Are Small Businesses Being Left Behind?

By perksconsulting |

Although it’s no secret that we are currently in the worst economic situation since the Great Depression,  there has been little talk about where small businesses come into play. With a recovery and stimulus package of epic proportions being distributed, where is the small business piece of the pie? On February 17, President Obama signed […]