Best Business-Related Twitter Hashtags

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Twitter hashtags can fuel conversations deeper than #GoldenGlobesChat or #WhatDidLadyGagaWearThisTime. They can be used for business – networking, industry news, customer engagement and innovative trends. You just need to know where to look! Our CEO Lauren Perkins collaborated with The Young Entrepreneur Council and The Huffington Post on her favorite business-related hashtags. Her answers were […]

Being a Good Date: The Governing Principles of Relationship Building

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Building professional relationships can be treacherous, and you always hope to put your best foot forward when meeting new colleagues, clients and partners. Luckily, this phase is similar to the initial process of dating — it’s the time when the precedent is set for months and years to come.
This article will give you the skinny on the governing principles of how to use tried and true dating principles to help building personable and lasting relationships in the workplace. The next several articles in this monthly column will take a deep dive on each principle, to cover in greater detail and with real world examples to help you put your dating smarts to work.

Networking 101: Being a Good Date

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Networking events are a fantastic way to meet new business prospects, potential partners, and leverage relationships within your existing network for referrals. These events can certainly seem intimidating if you don’t have an action plan to keep you focused and on task. To make the most of networking opportunities, business women can treat each event as they would treat a date. Following the same rules that you would typically follow on a date provides some guidance for how to prepare for the event, what to do while there, and actions to take post-event to take advantage of any prospects.

The Big Winners At South By Southwest

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GroupMe, Foursquare, Gowalla, Pepsi, Fast Company, CNN, Chevy and Apple all came out on top as they all had physical presences. Yes, the big technology to come out of SXSW this was advertising.

It’s true that the group texting was the actual technology that shined at SXSW this year. Overall, the companies that made a big impression were the ones that were always in your face with advertising and a physical presence. The brands that made an impact were the ones that actually did something.

Meet Up on Meetup

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Digital innovation has made it possible for us to do or see anything we desire with the simple click of a mouse. This phenomenon has been written about numerous times, especially citing the impact that technology has had on the public. The facts support the case that the power of seeing and talking to people […]

Optimizing Your Twitter Presence

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As the world continues its transition to the digital space, the majority of companies have realized that social media is an essential piece of the marketing puzzle, Twitter being a key player. The site has experienced exponential growth over the past couple years, with 23.5 million unique visitors per month being reported in February 2010. […]

Get on your Boss’ “Nice” List at the Company Holiday Party!

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Cheer, merriment and good spirit are circulating the chilly air and the company holiday party is right around the corner. This is a perfect opportunity to socialize with your co-workers, make great impressions on your superiors and get to know the people you work with outside of business small talk. You get that invitation, first […]

Dressing the Part for Networking Events

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Everyone’s feeling a little spunky around this time of year. Those of you who are still in touch with their inner child are looking forward to Halloween and dressing up. Those who have children are busy buying and coordinating costumes. We all look forward to this day to put on our wildest and enjoy the […]

Public Speaking

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Last evening I had the pleasure of speaking on the PR Professional Panel hosted by the NYU Women in Communications Club and the NYU Comm Club.  Accompanied by a lovely dinner and scintillating conversation with professionals from such esteemed PR firms as  Quinn & Co. and FerrenCom, the event was a wonderful evening centered around […]

The Aftermath: Post-Networking Event Follow Up

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So, you did your research and attended a networking event that you were well-prepared for. What’s next? Networking doesn’t stop when the cracker plate is empty and everyone has gone home. The steps you take after a networking event are an essential part of effective networking. Next time you return from a networking event, follow […]