9 of the Most Promising New Content Platforms

By perksconsulting |

Content platforms are helping big brands, startups and mid-size companies with their digital branding efforts – the Young Entrepreneur Council teamed up with fellow entrepreneurs, including our own CEO Lauren Perkins, to find out the best ones. Lauren answered, “Contently - it’s is a platform that connects brand publishers with freelance journalists to produce original, high-quality […]

The Jersey Shore Phenomenon

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, there is no question that you’ve seen, heard about or become enthralled with the phenomenon that is ‘Jersey Shore.’ The season two premiere episode raked in 5.3 MILLION viewers – nearly a 300% increase from the premiere of season one, and 10% more viewers than the first season’s […]

To iPad or Not?

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This week, the long-awaited iPad was introduced to stores and met with crowds of people who couldn’t wait to test out the device we’ve heard so much about over the past few months. While everyone wants to be the first kid on the block with the latest and greatest toy, is it reasonable to jump […]

Welcome Women’s Media Center!

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Led by Emmy-Winning journalist Carol Jenkins and fueled by powerhouse women such as Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem and Robin Morgan, the Women’s Media Center works tirelessly to make the voices of women heard in the mainstream media.  By creating their own media, providing media literacy and direct media training for women and spearheading media advocacy […]

Marketing Plan Makeover

By claire |

Every business needs a marketing plan. Plain and simple. But, what makes a good marketing plan? What do you need to know to get your product or services in the right hands? Here are a few quick tips to get you started on creating a marketing plan or to help you give your marketing plan […]