Selling Luxury During a Downturn

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As discussed in a previous blog, women are willing (and in some cases a little too willing) to break out the wallet for beauty during troubled times. Still having trouble keeping your beauty business afloat? Here are a few quick tips about how to keep women looking gorgeous during a recession. 1. Give your marketing […]

Does the fitness industry need to slim down on services?

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People often say that the “gym membership I never use” is one of the first things to go when they cut back the budget. But, taking a closer look at the fitness industry actually proves otherwise.  According to the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association, many gym members view their membership not as an extravagance, […]

Why We Still Shell out for Lipstick During Tough Times

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In 2008, Americans spent $11 billion on self-help and self-improvement materials, including books,CDs and personal coaching. Newsflash: We’re in a recession!  So why are people still paying for products that aren’t the bare essentials? Because, in addition to selling self-improvement, these motivational materials are selling something that’s been missing from the global market as of late: […]

How to Market for a Good Cause

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  Clearly, partnering with a cause in any way (from in-kind sponsorship to cause marketing) is a win-win for all involved So, how do you implement this up-and-coming marketing model?  Here are a few tips about how you can market for a good cause. 1 Choose a Cause that is Relevant and Meaningful to your […]

Avon and the Marketing of Breast Cancer

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  Like the PRODUCT (RED) campaign,  the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade is a cause marketing model that has met great success by using innovative strategies to advocate for a relevant cause.  Avon  a leading provider of women’s health and beauty products started their crusade against breast cancer in 1992 and has remained one of the […]

Target Audience: Women (No Jimmy Choo, Martinis, or Pink Allowed!)

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Posted By: Sumontro Roy, This Monday morning, while discussing our weekend activities over steaming lattes, my colleague and buddy, Sumontro, mentioned that he had attended a wedding that weekend : “you know, the sort that you see in the movies…the quintessential trophy wife having her dream wedding, replete with her knight in shining armor”. […]

Welcome to Perks Consulting Blog

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We want to hear from you! You will find members of the Perks Consulting team will post information about business, marketing, or strategy concepts we are using, researching, and/or contemplating for our clients. Please feel free to post comments or questions. We will respond as quickly as possible. Best, The Perks Consulting Team