Application Sensation – Marketing Your Brand Through Mobile Applications

By Perks |

When the iPhone was introduced in 2007, the idea of a branded mobile application on a high-quality Apple product quickly caught the intrigue of marketers across the world. Although the iPhone wasn’t the first smartphone to allow branded applications, it sparked the rush for every company to out-do the competition with the most engaging and […]

Audience Sourcing: Find Your Target Market

By claire |

It’s one of the biggest challenges companies face. They spend a large portion of time and resources to get it right and it’s ever-evolving: reaching your target market. But, there are some ways to make this process easier, less stressful and more educational along the way. Research is the keystone of developing successful ways to […]

Build Buzz Online!

By claire |

The monetary benefits of online marketing have recieved a lot of attention lately. Sure, online marketing can increase your ROI and expand your market share–but there are other benefits to taking your marketing to the online world. Marketing online vastly increases the scope and diversity of your audience, but decreases their attention span. So here […]

The Cents (and Dollars!) of Using Online Marketing

By claire |

As we constantly move towards a society where daily tasks such as paying the bills, ordering food and shopping for clothes are being performed online, new opportunities to approach, reach and target your clients are beginning to emerge. Online marketing has a number of benefits, especially for small business owners. It’s fast, efficient, environmental friendly, […]

Give Your Network the News

By claire |

You’ve built an amazing network of contacts, potential clients and business partners. Great! But, think of your network like a plant–it only grows when it is fed and nurtured. Don’t go sprinkling MiracleGro on your contacts just yet. Networks are fed by information and engagement. So how can you engage your network? Of course, you […]

Get in your customers’ inbox!

By claire |

Direct mailing marketing campaigns are quickly becoming a thing of the past. With the evolution of the digital world, people are spending hours upon hours each day in their email accounts and emailing has emerged as a primary form of communication. Although other media to reach your consumer have arrived on the scene, email is […]

Social media for social change

By claire |

A recent article in Time magazine, focused on the way Twitter has changed the face of the communication landscape.  Though criticized at first for being superficial and lacking substance, Twitter conversation has taken a more meaningful turn lately. Believe it or not, Twitter has evolved from an outlet for those with increasingly short attention spans […]

Building a Strong Foundation: Marketing for Nonprofits

By claire |

One of the biggest marketing myths is that marketing for nonprofits is a whole different ballgame than marketing for businesses.  In fact, marketing for nonprofits and for companies are really more similar than most people would think.  The major difference is that in for-profit marketing you are selling a product or service, whereas in nonprofit […]

Marketing Plan Makeover

By claire |

Every business needs a marketing plan. Plain and simple. But, what makes a good marketing plan? What do you need to know to get your product or services in the right hands? Here are a few quick tips to get you started on creating a marketing plan or to help you give your marketing plan […]

How to Use Facebook to Win Fans

By claire |

Facebook has millions of subscribers.  It has reached international ubiquity, and is has a huge potential  market for whomever puts in enough effort to stand out. But how exactly do you reach people on Facebook? What are the ground rules to follow to keep your fans? There are several ways to reach out to clients […]