How To Launch a New Company at an Industry Event

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This month, the Young Entrepreneur Council asked Perks Consulting CEO Lauren Perkins: What’s your best tip for launching a new company at an industry event or conference? Read more on FOX Small Business News for her answer  and others including Ben Lang of EpicLaunch and Aron Schoenfeld of Do It In Person!

8 Tips For Connecting With Female Founders In Your Community

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YEC Women and Women 2.0 included our very own Lauren Perkins on their list of tips to connect with female founders.  She’s joined by 7 other leading ladies including Doreen Bloch of Poshly, and Erica Nicole of YFS Magazine.  Read the rest of the answers by clicking on the link after Lauren’s answer. ——————————— YEC […]

Making Sense Of The Application Landscape

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New year, new toys. Consumer electronics, that is. I’m just getting back and reflecting on CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the largest tech geek kickoff of the year.

This year I got the chance to see the new consumer electronics and tech industry trends from three lenses: that of a journalist, an entrepreneur, and a marketer working with EachScape, an application creation and management platform.

This year’s gadgets and exhibits confirmed the expansion of the tech market as a whole. This results in large opportunities in the application space, which is now trending well beyond smartphones and tablets. The result? The app landscape is becoming increasingly complicated to navigate.

Fail Fast: A Guide To Iterative Strategic Planning And Testing

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As 2011 speeds to its conclusion, now is the time to reflect on your company’s current performance and establish priorities moving into 2012. In order to set the stage for a productive year, it’s important to think about your top objectives as well as some tactical ways that you can test them. These two components should be the foundation for your strategic plan and execution roadmap.

6 Mantras for Business Success

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I’ve founded two companies and co-founded two others, but some days, I still feel like I never know what’s going to hit me next. Luckily, I’ve found a few simple mantras that help me stay steady even when things get ridiculously hairy. Some have more to do with business, and others are more about the personality and mindset I need to bring to the business. They all help me cut through the mental clutter and uncertainty that can come with entrepreneurship.

The 11 Best Websites & Social Networks for Young Entrepreneurs

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Q. What websites and social networks have provided you with the best peer-to-mentoring as a young entrepreneur?

A. 85 Broads is a great community that connects and empowers women to help each other succeed. The mission of this organization is to generate professional and social value for its members. It offers workshops for members featuring industry experts and connects women in more than 90 countries around the world.

Internet Week at the Wix Lounge with Perks Consulting

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Last week the Perks Consulting team hosted an afternoon series of panels at the “Some Things Digital: Business 2.0″ Conference, a day-long series of panels on carefully curated topics that concern businesses of all sizes in today’s integrated world. Perks presented an “Engagement” segment of 3 panels covering the changes and evolution of the fashion […]

Perks Consulting Founder and CEO Lauren Perkins Accepted to Banco Santander W50 Program at UCLA

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Perks Consulting is pleased to announce the acceptance of Founder and CEO, Lauren Perkins, to the Banco Santander W50 Program at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management.  The program has invited 50 women globally to join in an intensive Executive Management and Board Leadership program designed for emerging female business leaders. Lauren was one of two women to […]

Featured in Northeastern Magazine

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Perks CEO, Lauren Perkins, highlighted in the Northeastern University Fall 2010 Alumni Magazine, discusses the doors social media is opening in the featured article “Entre Nous”.