13 Tips for Increasing Your Company’s Google Rank

By Perks |

10. Use the Right Keywords
Two effective ways of increasing your SEO rank are tagging articles and keyword analysis. You want to make sure your headlines are descriptive. You should also choose keywords that people are going to look for — so imagine yourself as a searcher.

Motorola Xoom Tablet

By Lauren |

Motorola and Google teamed up for the Xoom tablet, which features Android’s Honeycomb 3.0 technology, HD video capture and much more. It’s previewed here in the Motorola press announcement of their 2011 product innovations, exclusively at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2011.

Google – Coming To Theatres Near You

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In the battle for Internet glory, Google and Facebook have been neck-and-neck throughout 2010. And the rivalry to outdo each other has branched off from new product and service offerings to…..movies. In October, The Social Network, the story of Facebook and founder Mark Zuckerberg, will hit theatres. Just two months before Facebook’s big movie launch, […]

Aim High With Online Marketing

By claire |

There are several ways to measure and track the successes and challenges of your online marketing.  But, before you dive in and implement these tools and tactics,  there are a few steps that must be taken. 1. Define Success In business, “success” is subjective and what may seem to be successful for one campaign may […]

Keeping Up to Speed: The Art of Online Research

By claire |

There’s no doubt about it, the world is a busy place. With the evolution of the ways we receive news and the overabundance of information, it seems impossible to keep up. And you’re a busy person. So, how do you keep up to date with all of the occurances in your business, in your market, […]

Twitter: How to Optimize your Brand

By Perks |

“I googled it” – I bet you $10 that you’ve heard that phrase before.   Google’s search engine has become such a large part of our lives it has become a noun. When you need to search for something on the Internet you head straight for Google right? Wrong! According to many, Google may well […]

SEO: What is it and Why does it Matter?

By claire |

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is the hottest new way to increase traffic to your website.  You know when you search from Google for a topic, and you get a list of sites relevant to your search? SEO is the practice engaged to receive the highest possible natural ranking of your website. Simply put, SEO is […]

Online Research: The Basics

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  Whether you’re researching to pitch a client or write your latest blog, the internet is a powerful and credible tool—if you know how to use it. If you’re on a tight deadline or have a project with a huge scope, it can be difficult to even know where and how to begin the research […]