Social Media Week NY + Lauren Perkins

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Social Media Week is kicking off in NY just two short weeks – a worldwide event exploring the social, cultural and economic impact of social media. CEO Lauren Perkins has two exciting classes on the agenda: Learn Strategic Community Management (2/20) – With her upcoming book, The Community Manager’s Playbook, set to release soon, this class will help entrepreneurs, […]

Tips for a Mobile Ad Strategy that Drives Results

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This month, the Young Entrepreneur Council asked Perks Consulting CEO Lauren Perkins to tell Mashable her best tip for creating a mobile ad strategy that actually drives results (instead of just eating up marketing budgets). Her answer: Use Geotargeting. Your mobile advertising campaign will be more successful by geotargeting advertisements to your audience. This makes your […]

Making Sense Of The Application Landscape

By Lauren |

New year, new toys. Consumer electronics, that is. I’m just getting back and reflecting on CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the largest tech geek kickoff of the year.

This year I got the chance to see the new consumer electronics and tech industry trends from three lenses: that of a journalist, an entrepreneur, and a marketer working with EachScape, an application creation and management platform.

This year’s gadgets and exhibits confirmed the expansion of the tech market as a whole. This results in large opportunities in the application space, which is now trending well beyond smartphones and tablets. The result? The app landscape is becoming increasingly complicated to navigate.

Tips To Organize Your Business Processes

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Creating your business process involves a lot of trial and error, but, when done correctly it can be the key to your success. Small business owners and entrepreneurs have so much flexibility and freedom in shaping their business, that sometimes the process gets overlooked. Organizing your processes in a consistent, streamlined manner is essential to […]