Social Media: What is it and does it work?

By claire |

Businesses that survive, and even thrive, during a recession aren’t afraid to be innovative and take risks. At a time when your consumers and clients are pinching their wallets closed even tighter, it is crucial to establish a strong brand presence and highlight what makes your business stand out. Enter social media.   “Social media” […]

Management in Economic Downturns

By Perks |

The first and most important advice for managers during difficult times, is hiring the right people,“getting the right people on the bus and the wrong people off.”  Since it could be really easy to say, but often it not very easy to tell who is “right” for your business, here are some tips that could help […]

Economic Recovery: Are Small Businesses Being Left Behind?

By perksconsulting |

Although it’s no secret that we are currently in the worst economic situation since the Great Depression,  there has been little talk about where small businesses come into play. With a recovery and stimulus package of epic proportions being distributed, where is the small business piece of the pie? On February 17, President Obama signed […]

Escaping the Crisis

By claire |

With Inauguration Day looming, there has been much debate about President-Elect Barack Obama’s bold new Economic Recovery Plan. Many people think that the plan is too bold given the amount of tax payer money that has been laid out by the Bush Administration. Yet, there are others who believe that this new stimulus may not […]