End of year round-up: Must-have apps & accessories – The 11 things for your business you didn’t know you couldn’t live without

By Lauren |

Most of us have figured out the go-to, day-to-day gadgets we rely on for our work – a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. But the array of accessories and apps out there for the enterprise user can be an overwhelming one. Here’s a quick list of the on-the-go apps and tech accessories that have now become must-haves in the entrepreneur’s arsenal.

Spread Holiday Cheer to Your Colleagues, Contacts and Clients!

By claire |

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Don’t let the daunting task of making out holiday cards for clients, colleagues and contacts dampen your holiday spirit! There are many ways that you can spread holiday cheer through e-blasts, online and handwritten cards without breaking the holiday office mood (or the bank!) Holiday E-Blast A […]

Happy Holidays! December Holidays Around the World

By claire |

As a manager, it’s your job to spread holiday cheer around the office and to your clients.  Keep the spirit merry by being culturally sensitive to the beliefs of your clients and colleagues.  Make sure that your holiday festivities include everyone in the office. Remember, there are other holidays in December besides Christmas. Here are […]

Getting Back in Touch with Former Clients

By claire |

One of the most important aspects of business is growth. A recession, in particular, is a time when you want to grow your business, but without the spending. Stay in touch and network with past clients to help your business achieve growth goals in a time when cutting corners is the way of the world. […]

CRM’s – So what have I found out?

By Perks |

So in my past couple of blogs, I’ve chatted about what a CRM is, how they can help businesses and what the critics think of them. But what do I think? Well, even though the world of CRM’s is still somewhat new to me, I certainly do have a few opinions.  In my research for […]

CRMs – So what do the critics say…?

By Perks |

You’ve heard of the Oscars right? And the Olivier’s? Well how about the CRM Awards? Okay, well perhaps they are not as well publicized as the others, but the fact that these even exist proves that CRM is deemed quite important within the industry. The buzz around these tools can be demonstrated by the fact […]

CRMs – What in the world are they and do they actually help?

By Perks |

The Introduction to CRMs CRM – Customer Relation Management – something every company needs, even if they didn’t know it. The customer is perhaps the most valuable part of any business – without them there would be no business to conduct! So what is the best tool to organize this and optimize this important component […]