Help Perks Leverage Our Startup Roots and Brand Experience

By perksconsulting |

Perks Consulting is vying for a grant from the Chase Mission Main Street Grant program and we need your help! We’ll be put in the running if we can get 250 votes by 11/15.

It only takes 5 seconds: CLICK HERE TO VOTE, press Vote Now, and approve the Facebook connection (Perks has ensured they will not post anything on your wall without approval).

Why vote for us? We’ll use the grant to leverage our startup roots and brand experience to help organizations and startups compete and take charge of their digital operations and drive innovation through our philosophy, “Think like a Brand. Act like a Startup.™”

Think Like a Brand:
• Create a fire tested and validated corporate training product based off our successful pilot programs with CoreLogic, Pfizer and WorldBank
• Stay focused on Lean/Agile business & marketing with support for idea and product development

Act Like a Startup:
• Increase our teaching and mentoring capacity for our great startup communities and education partners Google For Entrepreneurs and General Assembly
• Continue to grow our work with larger organizations to share startup methodology on a greater scale, which allows us to reinvest in our startup consulting and mentoring while bridging the gap with our philosophy

CLICK HERE TO VOTE and please can share the link with your friends, colleagues or networks to help us reach our goal. Or, here is some language to make it super easy to share:

5 seconds. 2 clicks. 1 amazing mission. Vote @PerksConsulting for Chase #MissionMainStreet Grant. #innovation