Motorola Xoom Tablet

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Motorola and Google teamed up for the Xoom tablet, which features Android’s Honeycomb 3.0 technology, HD video capture and much more. It’s previewed here in the Motorola press announcement of their 2011 product innovations, exclusively at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2011. – CES Trends to Watch in 2011

By Lauren |

Our CEO Lauren Perkins just came back from CES 2011. She’s posted a couple videos from CES to our YouTube channel: as well as articles for and an interview with CES/CEA president and CEO Gary Shapiro coming out on America 1.

CES 2011 Trend Rundown

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Perks Consulting recently went to CES and we garnered a ton of insight from it. Here’s a high level overview of what we learned:

Forecasts from CES for 2011 see the global and north american/US market growth in the double digits. The FCC made an announcement and commitment statement for spectrum.

Biggest product innovations:
1. Ford fully embraces a digital and integrated lifestyle with the announcement of electrification.
2. Motorola makes a big come back with Atrix, Motoblur Cliq2, Xoom and Droid Bionic.
3. Samsung has innovation across the board w/ big contributions via tablet PC and thin bezel super flat screen 3D TV.

Key Consumer Electronics Trends to Watch
1. Tablet Market
2. Smart phone mass adoption
3. 3D TV growth and consumer video cams

More on this to come in a detailed blog post soon.

Things To Do Before Re-designing Your Website!

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Re-designing your website can be a good idea if it has looked the same for years. It can also be an excellent way to reach new markets and attract new customers. We have listed the key factors to consider before starting the process of modernizing your site that will help you increase your chances of getting more leads, increase conversation and overall revenue.

  • Don’t skip the strategy.

Strategy is the foundation and holds all of the pieces of the puzzle together. Ask yourself; What do you want to achieve with the website? What do you want the user to do when visiting the site? No matter if the website is for a company, product, or service, a solid strategy must be implemented prior to design. When outsourcing the website project to an agency, having a deep understanding of the business structure and ability to differentiate the business’ value is essential. By uncovering how the primary objective of both your business relates to the new website, the designers will be able to visually translate the business’ mission, vision and philosophy.

  • Something Old, Something New.

Research the latest technology and the potential challenges and obstacles of selecting specific programs and platforms. For example, part of your team may be intrigued by a Flash website. However, what they may not know is that most mobile devices do not support Flash, making your site not easily viewable from anything other than a computer. Luckily, there are alternative solutions that are functional, visually pleasing, and that don’t involve loosing any potential new customers.

  • Check out the current state of your website.

What pages are getting most visits and how long are visitors staying? Do most users leave your homepage after 3 seconds? How can you change this? This is all important information that will be a decisive factor for the success of the website and the business. Look at the analytics of your site. Setting up certain accounts will aid you in tracking analytics, stats and set future goals for the website.

  • Content audit.

If the site has not been updated recently, there will most likely be some outdated and irrelevant content. See if there are better ways to present your content like video, sliders, and/or in pdf format. Analytics will be beneficial here to understand the user and how you can reach them more effectively.

Make sure you’re asking yourself and your employees the right questions so that your site ends up serving your best interests and contributes to the growth of your company.

Public Speaking

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picture-2Last evening I had the pleasure of speaking on the PR Professional Panel hosted by the NYU Women in Communications Club and the NYU Comm Club.  Accompanied by a lovely dinner and scintillating conversation with professionals from such esteemed PR firms as  Quinn & Co. and FerrenCom, the event was a wonderful evening centered around sharing thoughts and ideas. The discussion covered a range of topics from the affects of digital media and the current recession on the PR industry to tips and advice to landing a job and navigating today’s fast-paced PR landscape.

Have you ever found yourself speaking on a panel and nervous about what to say? Here are a few quick tips to make your next public speaking experience successful.

1. Do your homework.

Before you arrive at the speaking engagement, make sure you have researched the hosting organization, as well as the other panelists.  Ask your contact for a list of questions and a list of the other panelists, as well as any other information that you may need to know before you speak. If this information is not available, focus your research on the hosting organization and topic of the panel, so you can anticipate the types of questions that may be asked.

2. Find your key points.

Make sure you walk into the panel or speech with your three main points selected. Figure out the three key things that you can not leave the panel without addressing. That way, if you don’t have access to any information prior to the panel you at least know what you want to weave into your answers. Don’t forget to remember who your audience is, and include information that may be interesting and relevant to them in your notes.

3. Listen to the other panelists as they speak.

It can be easy to let your mind wander when it is not your turn to speak. Stay engaged as all of the other panelists take their turns speaking. Bring blank note cards and a pen to jot down any thoughts or questions that may be sparked by what your fellow speakers say.

4. Be personable and energetic!

Approach your speech with passion and enthusiasm. Engage your audience by asking rhetorical questions and providing real-life examples. Look directly at the audience when you speak. Being a dynamic speaker not only reflects wells on the company you represent, but also makes you feel confident! Answer all questions asked to you thoroughly, and address that speaker by name whenever possible. Be open to one-on-one questions and networking after the event. And don’t forget to bring business cards–you never know who you might meet!

Next time you find yourself in a public speaking situation, keep these tips in mind and your speech will be smooth sailing. Don’t be too nervous, your confidence in your abilities (or lack thereof) will be reflected in your speech, so hold your head high and speak up!

And finally, a big thank you to the Women in Communications Club at NYU and the NYU Comm Club for hosting such a wonderful event!

Come Tweet With Us!

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This week, the Perks Consulting team headed over to the Marriott Marquis hotel for the ECA/OBOW New York convention – a bi-annual meet-up for all the fitness gurus, well-being fanatics and health specialists. With as many as sixty presenters workshopping and hosting classes, the four day event was buzzing to be sure.

So what were we doing there? Well, Perks Consulting had teamed up with ECA to plan, create and execute a social media campaign. Using the ever-emerging social media network Twitter, Perks/ECA showed their 2000 attendees the power of social media. With six Perks Consulting girls, buzzing around in Twitter/ECA t-shirts, we spread the knowledge about Twitter and encouraged attendees to sign up and follow their hosts. With 330 followers (and counting!) gained within the month long campaign, ECA’s popularity has grown faster than the average Tweeter by a staggering percentage. Using the site as a platform for discussion, and a meet-up point for experts of the industry, ECA was able to converse with clients, potential customers and the presenters themselves, and also facilitated the immediate and direct communication between clients and presenters.

So who is using Twitter and what exactly is it? Well, think Facebook – but smaller in effort and bigger in status and benefit. A micro-blogging site that allows you to write up to 160 characters at a time to inform the world (or your followers at least) what you’re doing, what you’re thinking and ask them about them.

In the words of Tom Giles from Business Week: “Twitter has popularized the concept of micro-blogging, the use of cell phones, instant messages, and e-mail to post streams of short blog posts.” That fact that this topic has even made it to Business Week speaks volumes. Furthermore, it was the featured article in a recent New York Magazine edition, with an interview from the founder. These high profile sources are talking about Twitter – and if they are, we all should be.

Companies such as Zappos, and Whole Foods are excellent examples of how large brands have realized the advantages of Twitter – a free facility that encourages the ease and fluidity of conversation. As a still emerging social networking tool, the companies using Twitter could perhaps be described as ‘innovative’ – and certainly depicted as ‘leading’. ECA, through the guidance of Perks Consulting, can therefore boast these claims. All in all a jolly successful weekend, conference and Twitter/ECA debut. We can’t wait for Miami!

For all your Twitter questions, check out this video:

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Loving the Shoes You’re In

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Last evening on the glittering eighth floor of Sak’s Fifth Avenue, motivational speaker and author Lynette Lewis spoke to a captivated group of women about loving the shoes we’re in. Using her book, Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos, as a springboard, Ms. Lewis outlined motivational and inspirational techniques by tying them into this spring’s hottest trends in footwear.

The first shoe in line was a stylish platform by Salvatore Ferragmo, the father of the stiletto. The comeback of platforms embodied Ms. Lewis’ discussion on the importance of building a personal platform. Creating a personal brand boils down to each of us asking ourselves why we’ve chosen the field or career that we have. What are your core values? What is your purpose? Defining your purpose and following through on your personal mission statement, in both your professional and personal life, leads to enlightment, happiness. and success.

A pair of sexy hot pink Christian Louboutin pumps was next in line as Ms. Lewis’ spoke about being an innovator. She explained that being an innovator takes both courage and confidence. Taking risks, even when it’s not advantageous to do so, is part of the climb to the top.

The epitome of risky behavior, Salvatore Ferragamo’s black and white patent leather pumps, were the third shoe on display. Here, Ms. Lewis connected what she calls her “one-one-one” strategy. She says if you take one step once a week toward one of your dreams, you can accomplish anything. One step once a week is manageable enough for the busiest of women, yet it’s still a sure path to results.

The final concept of Ms. Lewis’ speech tied into the growing trend of embellishments on shoes, as seen in this pair of Rene Caovilla bejeweled pumps. Embellishments are all about, as Ms. Lewis put it, “loving the season you’re in so you can enjoy the gifts.” Thinking about the here-and-now instead of worrying about the past or future is the surest way to enjoy all of the personal and professional rewards life has to offer.

After sharing a quick word with Ms. Lewis following her presentation, I learned that the Southern speaker also has a social networking site, the Lynette Lewis Community, where women can join together to share successes and setbacks through blogs and chats. Ms. Lewis’ presentation was inspiring, yet light-hearted and certainly taught me how to love the shoes I’m in… even if they’re not from Sak’s.

Images Provided by Sak’s Fifth Avenue.

85 Broads and “The Power of the Story”

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This morning, the Perks team started our day with a little bit of coffee and a lot of inspiration at the 85 Broads Power Breakfast. Held at A.J. Maxwell’s, the breakfast featured networking with the wonderful women of 85 Broads, as well as two very powerful speeches given by influential 85 Broads members Alison Levine and Kristin Fox.

First to the podium was Alison Levine. A seasoned mountaineer and founder of Daredevil Strategies, Alison came a few hundred feet shy of the summit of Mount Everest. She has also scaled the peaks of six major continents and has attended expeditions across both the North and South Poles.  Alison used her adventures to share the lessons she learned, and how they apply in today’s rocky business terrain. Spinning tales of teamwork, leadership, and knowing when to cut your losses, Alison held the audience captive with her amazing stories and sharp wit.

Following Ms. Levine was Kristin M. Fox, a fabulous business professional, Director and Founder of 100 Women in Hedge Funds and former Executive Editor of Hedgeworld. Kristin told the audience of her adventures navigating Wall Street and the fascinating world of finance. Raised by what she called the “hedge fund wolves,” Kristin shared stories about the importance of staying true to yourself and of understanding when to play it safe and when to take risks.  The tales of Kristin’s life were shining examples of the “Power of the Story.”

From the perilous peaks of Everest to shining streets of Manhattan and back in time to make it to the office–what a way to start the morning!

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Power and Influence

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Last night, the Perks Consulting team had the pleasure of attending a panel discussion entitled “Women Entrepreneurs–Learn to Monetize Your Passion!” sponsored by 85 Broads and the Harvard Business School. The discussion was held at the Withers Bergman LLC headquarters on Park Avenue. The discussion, led by Professor Linda Hill, was thought-provoking yet light-hearted and truly upheld the core values of the Harvard Business School “Inspire. Engage. Enable.”


While the packed venue alone was inspiring enough, the sensational cast of speakers certainly captured the imagination of all who attended. The speakers and topics were:

Lauren Marrus, President of Dempsey &Carroll: “Start Up From Scratch”
Nancy Pedot, former CEO of Gymboree: “Taking Over a Business”
Stephanie Hanbury-Brown, Managing Director of Golden Seeds: “Starting a Business Within a Large Company”
Carolee Friedlander, Founder of Carolee Designs: “Selling It”

Each of the panelists had her own unique perspective on entrepreneurship, using her life and careeer as springboards to enlighten and inspire the audience.


After each speaker finished telling her amazing story, the floor was open for questions and comments. The audience members certainly had a lot of questions to ask about the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship, and of life. From asking about how to feel big inside to the specifics of a panel member’s company mission statement, the audience engaged in a relevant and meaningful discussion that truly empowered all in attendance.


By providing eager audience members with resources and events like “Women Entrepreneurs–Learn to Monetize Your Passion!”, both the Harvard Business School and 85 Broads are enabling professional women of all backgrounds to thrive despite the hurdles and barriers they may encounter.