#CMplaybook – Official Launch!

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Happy Community Managers Appreciation Day! It’s a great day to recognize the hard work that it takes to build a thriving community and those who are dedicated to the craft of cultivating them.
The Perks Consulting team is celebrating in the best possible way… by officially launching: The Community Managers Playbook by our founder (and author) Lauren Perkins. It is now available to everyone in both digital eBook and paperback format (finally!). Since we’ve been rolling out the book throughout 2014, all you early adopters that bought the Alpha book on Apress.com should be sure to refresh your book for the official final content.
The Playbook is about why organizations of all sizes must treat community management as a central component of their overall brand and marketing strategy, and how to do it. As you know, there is no brand strategy without a community strategy. Companies that are not developing communities and engaging their network are handing over control of their brands to their customers and stakeholders, and even worse, missing opportunities to optimize their marketing investments.
Join us in celebrating #CMAD with our community expert, Lauren, by sharing the book on Twitter using #CMPlaybook, and by sending a shout out to the great Community Managers in your life.

Please consider picking up a copy of the book, and use the code LPCMPB for 30% off the eBook version on Apress.

Community Managers Appreciation Day – #CMAD

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Community Managers Appreciation Day is fast approaching, and we are looking forward to celebrating the day, along with everyone who helped put the event together. It will be a full 24 hours of hangouts bringing together over 80 speakers from 7 countries! 

We are very excited to hear from so many great community managers who will be sharing their insights and experiences, and to celebrate all the community managers that we know and work with. We’ll be keeping up with the hangouts throughout the day on Twitter using #CMAD, and hope you get a chance to join us.

One of the godfathers of the community discipline, Jeremiah Owyang, initiated CMAD in 2010 as a way to recognize and celebrate the efforts of community managers, and it has since grown into an annual international event. 

Join the celebration! You can find all the event information here:  

Lauren Perkins at the CES “Women in Entrepreneurship” Panel presented by Up Global

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It is a subject of constant debate, but with little visibility. The big names in the technology world insist they want to fix, but only 30% of employees in large companies in Silicon Valley are women, and only 3% of technology startups are owned by women.

In the scenario at CES’s Eureka Park, startup’s largest technology fair in the world, on stage three women, Sara Hill, Amanda Hat, and our very own Lauren Perkins, spoke to share their point of view, approaches and success to everyone, so they can follow their steps and create their own technology companies. Despite this panel, female participation at CES holds less than 20%.

The need for more female founders reaches beyond the US, Rosa Jimenez, reporter at “El Pais”, publication from Mexico, covered the panel. We have paraphrased and built on her key points here, for those of you spanish speakers, you can read the complete article in spanish http://bit.ly/14XU7da

Looking for real world, hands on experience? Perks is hiring!

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Perks Consulting is looking for a digital/marketing savvy apprentice who is ready to get their hands dirty.

This position has clear opportunities for advancement, as we’ve hired the last two apprentices.  If you’re a dynamic, passionate, go-getter with the ability to multi-task and thrive in a fast paced environment you may have found your match.  Our growing creative consulting firm specializes in business solutions primarily in marketing, strategy, branding and management.  The right candidate will get to assist in developing and refining client engagement process, and delivery. The Digital Marketing Apprentice will have opportunities to sharpen and practice their marketing skills, be exposed to research and strategy development, and be involved in the program development and the strategic ideation process. The right candidate will have opportunities to support TA work with Perks CEO and founding marketing instructor for classes and workshops she creates and delivers at General Assembly, an entrepreneurship campus focused on technology, business, and design. The ideal candidate should have knowledge about marketing activities, and the iterative steps in completing these activities with a strong focus on digital and social media outlets (i.e SEO, SEM, Twitter, Facebook, AND especially emerging ones etc.)  This is an excellent opportunity to jump in and get your feet wet in real agency and client experiences. We’re truly invested in the career development of our team, and we have a history of welcoming successful apprentices to join the team full-time post apprenticeship. Sound like a perfect opportunity for you?  Please send resume, cover letter and any samples of your work, and your website if you have one to hr@perksconsulting.com.

The 2015 SXSW Panel Picker Has Launched!

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The 2015 SXSW Panel Picker has opened, and we are so excited that our CEO and Founder, Lauren Perkins’s workshop, “Agile Marketing: Market Speed & Customer Relevance,” is included in the list of candidates! But we need your support- cast your vote for our proposal and help us get to Austin next year!

This workshop will focus on providing real hands-on experience by helping participants create an agile marketing experiment to take back to the office as a framework for applying agile to their brand marketing efforts. Applying agile approaches to marketing is essential to adapt to the pace of the market and our customers. It helps leverage the best qualities of startup agility, while developing constraints and hypotheses for experiments to unearth real-time and forward looking consumer insights that ensure relevance.


CMX Summit + Lauren Perkins

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Community  has always been a big part of the Perks Consulting approach. Whether we are “baking in” customer insights or listening for feedback, we take a very customer-centric approach to our engagement.  That is why we were so excited to have our our CEO Lauren Perkins speak at the CMX Summit in NYC on the business value of community in June. The CMX Summit was a 2 day event centered around community builders, and already has created an amazing following (the hashtag “#cmxsummit” was actually trending at #2, right behind the World Cup, for the 2 days it occurred.)

The roster of speakers represented amazing companies known for their communities such as Meetup.com, Etsy, Creative Mornings, Behance, Organizing for Action, and TEDx. Over 200 digital community managers came to hear talks from these leading experts who shared their best practices, innovations in the field, and inspirational stories of creating community in unexpected and creative places. We are happy to finally be able to share Lauren’s talk, which was just released.

Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!

Social Media Week NY + Lauren Perkins

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Social Media Week is kicking off in NY just two short weeks – a worldwide event exploring the social, cultural and economic impact of social media.

CEO Lauren Perkins has two exciting classes on the agenda:

  • Learn Strategic Community Management (2/20) – With her upcoming book, The Community Manager’s Playbook, set to release soon, this class will help entrepreneurs, community managers and business executives unravel the complicated terrain of channels, platforms and opportunities for meaningful interaction. The class sold out within hours – but we have an alternative:  Check out Lauren’s online Udemy class covering similar topics: Cultivating a Community  (+ email marketing@perksconsulting.com for a special discount!) #smwcommunitymgmt
  • Masterclass on Lean Marketing: “Think Like a Brand. Act Like a Startup.” (2/20) – This class is for business executives, brand marketers and entrepreneurs looking to accelerate speed to market, increase conversion rates and improve customer engagement. Lauren will add the Perks twist to lean marketing by integrating our innovative, “Think Like a Brand. Act Like a Startup.™” approach built on insights gleaned from the best practices of world-class brands and emerging innovations of startup. #smwleanmarketing

We hope to see you at the events! Or follow us at @PerksConsulting to see what else we’ll be engaged in during #SMW.


Google for Entrepreneurs Collaboration – Why Your Startup Needs a Brand

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Perks Consulting and CEO Lauren Perkins have been excited to be a part of the new Google for Entrepreneurs community – a growing hub providing resources, networking, advice and real-world knowledge for entrepreneurs across the globe.

Lauren’s most recent initiative with them was for an ongoing YouTube series, “Tools for Entrepreneurs” in collaboration with General Assembly. Lauren’s session, Why Your Startup Needs a Brand breaks out the fundamentals of branding and why developing one early on is key for long-term success. Perks work with both big brands and startups under the philosophy, “Think like a Brand. Act like a Startup.™” will help any entrepreneur combine strategic brand thinking into their innovative vision.

Watch the video below or find more of Lauren’s branding and marketing courses at General Assembly here.


Best Business-Related Twitter Hashtags

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Twitter hashtags can fuel conversations deeper than #GoldenGlobesChat or #WhatDidLadyGagaWearThisTime. They can be used for business – networking, industry news, customer engagement and innovative trends. You just need to know where to look!

Our CEO Lauren Perkins collaborated with The Young Entrepreneur Council and The Huffington Post on her favorite business-related hashtags. Her answers were #InvestInWomen and #EdTech – here are some great examples of conversations surrounding these hashtags:



Read the 14 other hashtags to help guide your Twitter conversation for 2014 on HuffingtonPost now.

9 of the Most Promising New Content Platforms

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Content platforms are helping big brands, startups and mid-size companies with their digital branding efforts – the Young Entrepreneur Council teamed up with fellow entrepreneurs, including our own CEO Lauren Perkins, to find out the best ones.

Lauren answered, “Contently - it’s is a platform that connects brand publishers with freelance journalists to produce original, high-quality content. Brands sometimes can get stuck creating robotic content, and this platform eliminates that mishap. By focusing on storytelling, Contently helps brands hone in on the opportunities to fully engage their community in an innovative way.”

Read the 8 other creative content platforms from entrepreneurs Derek Flanzraich, Adam Lieb, Doreen Bloch and more HERE.