You Should Go And Love Yourself: Igniting the Internal Community

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In our first post in this series, we learned the basics of Brand Love—why it’s important, what it looks like, and how some notable brands came to acquire it. Now, as we ride this vessel deeper into the Tunnel ‘O Brand Love, we must begin to look within. In actual, person-to-person relationships, self-love is one of the most important cornerstones of a healthy partnership. If you’re not confident with who you are inside, it doesn’t matter if your significant other is a perfect glowing angel from on high—the whole operation stands on shaky ground. A lack of self-love can lead to obsession, mistrust, jealousy, power struggles, and sundry other toxic byproducts. On the other hand, a relationship based on trust and respect, where all parties are comfortable with their contributions and confident in a shared future…well that’s just beautiful! (more…)

What’s Brand Love Got to Do With It?: Defining The Indefinable

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Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.” – William Shakespeare

Love is all you need.” – The Beatles

What is love? Baby don’t hurt me.” – Haddaway

Today we’re going to talk about love—the most splendid/confounding/infuriating of human emotions. Don’t worry; we’re not turning this blog into an advice column. We’re going to discuss a very special kind of love: the kind that exists between a brand and its consumers.


Seal the Deal: Making Community a Permanent Fixture

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Okay, this is it. The final installment of our Community series, in which we will wrap up by covering every other aspect of community management and tying it all up with a pretty pink bow.

Well, not exactly. In fact, we have only scratched the surface of community management and what it can do for your organization. But if you’re at all intrigued by the idea (and you should be, by now), then these posts can serve as a primer for your first steps into this incredible 24-hour people-powered party centered on your brand.

Let’s do a quick recap. So far we’ve learned…


The Metrics System: Making The Strongest Case For Community

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If you’ve been following our previous installments in this series, you’ve learned about the power and potential of community. Now it’s time to put those learnings into practice.

First, you must make a plan. If you’re going to submit a solid case for building out a community for your brand, you need to know what success looks like, how to quantify it, and how to demonstrate it to stakeholders. Strap on your thinking caps, folks. We’re about to get analytical.


That’s What Friends Are For: The Benefits of Building Brand Community

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In our last post, we learned that it takes more than a social media account to build a devoted community that will go to bat for your brand. But why go through all the trouble? Because focusing on brand community won’t just give you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. It will generate significant, measurable revenue benefits. In this installment, we’ll identify three common marketing goals, explain why community is essential to achieving them, and provide tips on how to get there.


Be the Life of the Party: Brand Community vs. Social Media

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Happy Birthday, reader! Oh, it’s not your birthday? That’s okay. Just for fun, let’s pretend that it is. And on this momentous day, you want to spend time basking in the love of your friends and family. You want a party. But it’s no fun throwing your own birthday party, right? Ideally, you want your loved ones to remember your birthday, and care enough about you to confer and collaborate in the planning of your celebration. The process should feel organic, and (in this perfect world) you shouldn’t have to contrive any component of it.


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What One Soft Skill Makes You Most

Check out CEO and founder Lauren’s answer to What One Soft Skill Makes You Most Marketable? on The Savvy Intern. As the post notes, not only are these soft skills valuable career skills, they also contribute to your brand story.

As Lauren says, “My years as a journalist taught me the importance of really hearing what other people had to say.

I’ve found that my ability, maybe my instinct, to truly listen to what other people are saying is a key driver to my success.”
Read the full piece here!

Looking for real world hands on experience? Perks is Hiring!

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Digital Marketing Internship

Busy marketing and strategy consulting firm needs a digital/marketing savvy intern who’s ready to get their hands dirty.

If you’re a dynamic, passionate, go-getter with the ability to multi-task and thrive in a fast paced environment you may have found your match.  Our growing creative consulting firm specializing in business solutions primarily in marketing, strategy, branding and management is looking for a digital marketing intern to join and grow with the team.  The right candidate will get to assist in developing and refining client engagement process, and delivery. The Digital Marketing Intern will have opportunities to sharpen and practice their marketing skills, including opportunities to support TA work with Perks CEO and founding marketing instructor for classes and workshops she creates and delivers at General Assembly, an entrepreneurship campus focused on technology, business, and design.

What we’re looking for:

  • Motivated self-starter, looking to build their resume and portfolio
  • Energetic presentable professional eager to learn
  • Strong organization and attention to detail
  • Excellent interpersonal communication techniques
  • Creative, proactive thinker with ‘can-do’ attitude – one’s who already 10 steps ahead anticipating future needs
  • Time management skills: ability to multi-task, prioritize and meet deadlines
  • Computer savvy with internet research ability – you should be able to figure out a plan and strategy in order to find information in areas that you have no knowledge of
  • Keen sense of marketing tactics and strategies (especially pertaining to Social Media, Digital Marketing, Web Development, and Brand Development)
  • Understanding of business trends and concepts around CPG’s, women’s lifestyle brands (beauty/fashion/fitness), and/or an interest in tech startups and the venture capital ecosystem is preferred but not required


Potential Responsibilities Include:

  • Marketing and consumer research
  • Learn the marketing planning and management process
  • Work with management team to develop best practices for branding, marketing, and development project delivery.
  • Developing internal training documents to assist in client delivery
  • Office administrative and project management duties


Ideal candidate should have knowledge about marketing activities, and the iterative steps in completing these activities with a strong focus on digital and social media outlets (i.e SEO, SEM, Twitter, Facebook, AND especially emerging ones etc.)  This is an excellent opportunity to jump in and get your feet wet in real agency and client experiences. We’re truly invested in the career development of our interns, and we have a history of welcoming successful interns to join the team post internship.

Sound like a perfect opportunity for you?  Please send resume, cover letter and any samples of your work, and your website if you have one to  College credit is offered for any students looking to fulfill degree requirements.


#CMplaybook – Official Launch!

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Happy Community Managers Appreciation Day! It’s a great day to recognize the hard work that it takes to build a thriving community and those who are dedicated to the craft of cultivating them.
The Perks Consulting team is celebrating in the best possible way… by officially launching: The Community Managers Playbook by our founder (and author) Lauren Perkins. It is now available to everyone in both digital eBook and paperback format (finally!). Since we’ve been rolling out the book throughout 2014, all you early adopters that bought the Alpha book on should be sure to refresh your book for the official final content.
The Playbook is about why organizations of all sizes must treat community management as a central component of their overall brand and marketing strategy, and how to do it. As you know, there is no brand strategy without a community strategy. Companies that are not developing communities and engaging their network are handing over control of their brands to their customers and stakeholders, and even worse, missing opportunities to optimize their marketing investments.
Join us in celebrating #CMAD with our community expert, Lauren, by sharing the book on Twitter using #CMPlaybook, and by sending a shout out to the great Community Managers in your life.

Please consider picking up a copy of the book, and use the code LPCMPB for 30% off the eBook version on Apress.

Community Managers Appreciation Day – #CMAD

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Community Managers Appreciation Day is fast approaching, and we are looking forward to celebrating the day, along with everyone who helped put the event together. It will be a full 24 hours of hangouts bringing together over 80 speakers from 7 countries! 

We are very excited to hear from so many great community managers who will be sharing their insights and experiences, and to celebrate all the community managers that we know and work with. We’ll be keeping up with the hangouts throughout the day on Twitter using #CMAD, and hope you get a chance to join us.

One of the godfathers of the community discipline, Jeremiah Owyang, initiated CMAD in 2010 as a way to recognize and celebrate the efforts of community managers, and it has since grown into an annual international event. 

Join the celebration! You can find all the event information here: