FlyFit: Redefining the Way You Move.

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The Perks team has been in full throttle since the reveal of FlyFit yesterday. Our latest endeavor will bring passengers health and wellness beyond airport security in T2 at Heathrow Airport this Fall. Spin, yoga, meditation, strength training – all within steps from your gate. With our operating model “Think Like a Brand. Act Like a Startup.”™ at the very core of this project, FlyFit is the first venture to fully utilize the model in building an engine for growth, and will be featured in our upcoming book.

Let’s rewind to the conception of this project…Lauren Perkins (the founder of Perks Consulting) founded the company along with Brian Chappon. Both road warriors and fitness enthusiasts, they struggled to maintain their fitness while traveling. They knew there had to be some solution to these hurdles. Airports had been lacking a space for fitness, and this opportunity to improve the health and well-being of travelers became a shared passion of the two founders.

The FlyFit partnership and pending launch at Heathrow Airport was announced yesterday and featured in Fast Company last night. It has been incredible seeing all of the traction and support from press and media across all platforms, as well as individuals’ support for what FlyFit will bring to the table (or terminal for that matter).

Travel should not get in the way of your health, so let’s #FlyFit this coming Fall.

For full press release, click here.


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