Startup Weekend and Startup America Launch UP Global

By perksconsulting |

StartupWeekend and Startup America Partnership are joining forces to launch UP Global, an organization that connects entrepreneurs with their communities and the resources they need most.

Our founder Lauren Perkins recently facilitated the pilot Startup Weekend Corporate event at the World Bank with co-founder Franck Nouyrigat and DC Startup Weekend organizer Mack Kolarich, providing intrepreneurs with tool belt that entrepreneurs develop through SW’s actionable resources and programs.

Hard work pays off and the dedication put in by the corporate team has come to fruition by the recent merger with Startup America Partnership, forming the new global organization UP Global. The SW team had the vision to make entrepreneurship a more tangible reality by leveraging the impact and reach Startup Weekend brings with Startup America’s expertise in community building, UP Global will empower the startup community and enhance collaboration across the globe.

Our network and community knows these are the types of partnerships we love to see and support, and we’re looking forward to the expanded resources and momentum for entrepreneurs.

UP Global will set up headquarters in Seattle with support from The Case Foundation, Microsoft, Google and Coca-Cola. Read more about this exciting new partnership from ForbesThe Wall Street Journal, or The Washington Post.


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