5 Lessons From 5 Years As An Entrepreneur

By perksconsulting |

Check out Lauren’s article on Forbes about the entrepreneurial journey:

When I left my last “real job” in marketing and operations at the end of 2007, I could never have imagined what going it alone as an entrepreneur truly meant. But with my stuff in my hands and a lot on my mind, I began my entrepreneurial journey.

A lot can happen in five years, and my company Perks Consulting hit our five-year mark just this spring. In that time, we have been fortunate to work with successful organizations such as Microsoft and Pfizer, collaborate with entrepreneurial organizations like General Assembly and NY Angels, and create partnerships like our new corporate training venture with Startup Weekend. One of our newest accomplishments is our Women Business Enterprise certification, marking our commitment to diversity in vendor procurement for corporations and supporting fellow female-run enterprises.

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