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AlleyWatch mentioned Lauren Perkins’ event: Being a Good Date: Applying Dating Tactics to Social Engagement in their “Too many good events” guide.

Social Media Week is fast upon us and with it comes the difficult decision of what to attend. With so many good speakers, 224 events and after-parties, how do you get the most out of this week while still pretending to go to work and attempting to grab longer periods of rest than the quiet between train stops? Since we haven’t got a spare time machine, we’ll offer up a list of events that should not be missed:


NYTechWomen #SMWNYC #SocialSunday Brunch

Sunday, February 17th 11:00am-2:00pm

Can it really get any better than brunch and a room full of female technologists? The only thing we can think of would be if the event were a bit less popular so we could get off the waitlist and into the hash browns. New York Tech Women will be serving up an awesome networking event for 50+ of their members this Sunday.


Being a Good Date: Applying Dating Tactics to Social Engagement

Monday, February 18th 7:00pm-9:00pm

“Whether dating someone new or pursuing a new customer or business relationship, there are three governing principles to keep in mind: expectations, communication, and timing. We’ll discuss these principles and how to apply them to social engagement scenarios in this Social Media Week workshop.”


So You Think You Can Start Up?

Tuesday, February 19th 12:00pm-1:30pm

The competition will be fierce in this elevator pitch session that gives digital fashion start-ups five minutes to make it work. Participants include:

StyleUp: A service that gets to know your wardrobe and makes fashion recommendations for the following day based off of the weather report

Bloom: A social beauty network where “real women and beauty pros share visually-inspiring beauty trends, tag products they use to achieve those looks and solve beauty dilemmas.”

PlayAPI: A platform for brands to create social games and applications that leverage the data they’ve collected on their customers

Shopcade: A personal shopping app that allows customers to “ Discover new products, create lists of things you want, and get exclusive deals.”

The coveted prize is editorial coverage on Elle.com. Fashion Tip: If you decide to attend the event leave your sock-and-sandal combo at home…. It’s unlikely that StyleUp will recommend that look for anyone ever because the weather isn’t sunny with a chance of hideous.


Navigating the Funding and Resources of Health Tech Innovation in New York

Tuesday February 19th 6:00pm-8:30pm

A panel of health experts gather to explore the “financial, mentorship, and infrastructure support resources available in NY to enable promising eHealth startup companies. Audience members will hear from organizations including BluePrint Health Incubator, New York Digital Health Accelerator, Startup Health, Health 2.0, Partnership for New York City Fund, and the New York eHealth Collaborative.”


The Problems Entrepreneurs Should Be Solving Over The Next 3 Years

Wednesday February 20th 6:00pm-8:00pm

Anchor Deirdre Bolton of Bloomberg TV moderates a talk on the business problems that entrepreneurs should be focused on solving in the coming years. It’s a three-part talk that explores the direction entrepreneurs should be looking to move, how they can achieve that shift, and then opens the floor to discussion between the panel and audience. Panel members include Kelsey Falter of POPTIP, James Gross of Percolate, Eugene Chung of TechStars and Jalak Jobanputra of FuturePerfect Ventures.


Fostering Collaboration within Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Friday February 22nd 9:30am-11:00am

An event very much after our own heart, a group of speakers including Judith Clegg of Takeout, Andrew Rasiej of Personal Democracy Media, Steve Schlafman of Lerer Ventures and Scott Roen of American Express, gather to discuss ways in which the N.Y. startup community can more cohesively work together.

Happy Social Media Week to all of our readers! Please send me photos of your adventures this week at cait@alleywatch.com, and if you attend any events that should have made our list we’d love to hear about them, too.

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