REINTRODUCING PERKS CONSULTING: Think like a brand. Act like a startup.

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Hello Friends and Colleagues,

As the year comes racing to its end, I wanted to take a moment to reflect and share some news as myself and the Perks Consulting team prepare to ring in a new year.

It’s been a great year. While we were busy with new projects, new clients and expanding our training and education offerings, we had a pivotal, game changing moment. Pfizer came to us to ask for help embedding digital thought leadership and best practices for their emerging markets team. This became an affirmation that our growing vision to create a new kind of digital consultancy was on the mark. We saw an opportunity to ‘in-source’ digital competency for our clients and have been testing this very concept all year.


So after some retooling, we are officially announcing a shift in our client services model from a full service agency focused on marketing execution to a digital brand and marketing consultancy dedicated to building digital competency within organizations. We will do this by embedding the foundations needed to integrate digital strategy into the larger brand and business vision to ensure customer engagement.


Our aim is help organizations first build their digital resources, and then embed a standard approach to organizational structure and resource allocation towards their digital strategies. You can now check out our new offerings and philosophy of “Think Like a Brand, Act Like a Startup™”, launched this week on our new Perks Consulting website at


That’s is not the only change afoot. We are pleased to welcome Christina Vuleta  who has joined our team as Managing Director. With 24 years of branding and marketing experience in a multitude of industries, Christina offers significant expertise in brand development, consumer insight and strategic planning.  Prior to joining Perks, Christina was SVP, Director at The Futures Company. Her previous experience includes Saatchi and Saatchi Advertising, Faith Popcorn’s Brain Reserve and KBS+P. She also runs 40:20 Vision, a resource to mentor entrepreneurs and young professionals.


We’ve made adapting to change and innovating our mission here at Perks. We’d love to hear more about what’s new in your world and the changes you are facing!


Thank you for your support and collaboration over the past five years. 
Happy holidays to you, your team and family.  

Lauren Perkins

Founder & CEO


Read our Press Release here.


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