Navigating the Pinterest Landscape

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Pinterest is a genius example of a business model where users do all the hard work. Meaning, users share and pin things they love, other users re-pin those same things, and soon you have content that is exploding all over the Internet. Welcome to the dawn of social content – Pinterest style.

Despite its huge reliance on outside links for visuals and content, Pinterest users call the site “addictive.”
Brands don’t want to be left behind either. They are already jumping onto the Pinterest bandwagon to engage users and show them what those brands stand for. Cases in point: Brands like Whole Foods, JCPenney, and Target among others, are Pinterest success stories for promoting a lifestyle associated with those brands. But Pinterest, like other social media platforms needs a well-thought out strategy.

Here are our suggestions to help you crack the Pinterest game:
1.     Don’t just pin your brand: Pinterest users are not receptive to shameless plugging and advertising. Pinterest is all about new and creative ideas and things. This is not to say that you start pinning things that are irrelevant to your business or brand, but pin things that inspire or speak about your brand and company values to engage and encourage your followers to repin.

2.     Use it to communicate your brand story: Whether you pin pictures of cool workspaces, or employees at a company picnic, or social causes that your company supports, use it to chronicle your brand’s experience, growth, and evolution. This shows people what your company is all about and the values that you stand for. Do this carefully, though. Pinning pictures of one political party versus another, or one ideology over another, can have serious consequences for your business.

3.     Get a photographer: To make sure users re-pin images associated with your company and brand, make sure your images are highly shareable. These can be images of your products, your company’s headquarters, your brick-and-mortar stores, or simply, images associated with a lifestyle you are promoting through your brand. Make sure they are fantastic!

4.     Tell people you’re on Pinterest: Having an account on Pinterest is no longer enough. You have to shout it out loud – Pinterest style. Follow your brand’s influencers and key Pinterest-ers, add a Pinterest icon on your website, and add a Pinterest share tab to all your product images.

5.     Pinboards = Checkout carts: Pinterest has been shown to do wonders for online retailers. Not only does it drive traffic, but also Pinterest data shows that on an average, users are more likely to buy something from a brand’s online store once they have pinned the product. That said, even though it remains a contentious issue among industry experts, no one doubts Pinterest’s ability to drive referral traffic.
With these strategies, your Pinterest page will be trending in no time. Happy pinning!


Dhvani Merchant contributed to this blog post.


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