Post-Internet Week New York 2012 Round-up

By Perks |

With appearances from tech heavyweights including Pete Cashmore of Mashable, Tumblr founder David Karp, Mozilla’s Mitchell Baker, and Federated Media’s John Battelle listed on the 2012 schedule, New York’s Internet Week continues to cement the city’s position as a viable tech epicenter, bringing attendees from all over the world. A vast majority of these digital-focused discussions paid tribute to the growing start-up community that New York has been sustaining. These emerging companies, while headed by not the most experienced of professionals, are teeming with creativity and innovation that had the audiences tweeting uncontrollably.

Certain themes riddled the events of 2012 Internet Week New York. The arguably most apparent topic that surfaced was the current shift toward mobile content. While websites haven’t yet become obsolete, becoming a big player in the mobile industry can transform a company, as people are spending significantly more time on their mobile devices. Optimizing that experience for multiple screens and cross-platforms also continues to be an issue that plagues many brands and publishers, especially as the tablet and smartphone have become a hand-in-hand supplement to many everyday activities including tv viewing.

While IWNY placed focus on new and growing startup players, there was discussion on what the market is lacking, namely solutions in the music industry, a conversation track that has become synonymous with Internet Week in recent years through curation by SoundCtrl. The music industry continues to be fractured in the years following Napster; though Spotify has become a household name thanks to its Facebook integration, the net is still in dire need of an “ESPN of music”. This hypothetical epicenter has to compile and synthesize the different dimensions of the music experience so that people no longer have to use the different channels and mediums that exist in the music sphere.

Internet Week seamlessly combined the past, present, and future of the Internet to deliver a variety of informative and useful discussions to audience members and remote viewers alike. Startup founders walked away from IWNY with a bounty of advice on how to establish a presence in their respective spaces. Brands and agencies continued to heed the advice and observations from multiple perspectives, continuously attempting to catch up with the paradigm shift of digital behaviors and interests. The layman was able to leave with an entrepreneurial wind at their back having witnessed first-hand what a simple idea can build.

Perks Consulting intern Sarah Dalia contributed to this post.


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