4 Lessons on Global Community Management from WOMMA’s School of WOM

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At WOMMA’s School of WOM conference, 360i’s Sarah Hofstetter (SVP of Emerging Media & Brand Strategy) joined Jessica Robinson, Associate Director of Consumer & Customer Engagement at Kraft Foods, to lead a session on how Oreo manages its global social community on Facebook.

Snapshot: Oreo’s global Facebook community

The session uncovered the best practices that have catapulted Oreo to global success on Facebook – the brand currently has 19 million+ highly engaged fans from all over the world – and answered a series of key questions along the way.

1. What does global community management require of marketers? Managing a global community requires marketers to be able to articulate their brand’s universal truth AND their brand’s role in digital and social media.

2. What are the key challenges in managing a global community? Beyond the operational challenges of balancing local content with global page management and moderating user-generated content, one of the core challenges for many global communities is how to bring people together across geographic and cultural lines. One way to do this is to invite fans to become a part of a large, community-building initiative that transcends local market discrepancies and emphasizes on the brand’s universal truth. An example of this is Oreo’s Guinness World Record event, which brought thousands of fans together from around the world to participate in something BIG.

3. What if something unexpected happens? The beauty of social is its ability to take new shapes based on community and public response. Whether or not the dynamic nature of social helps or hurts your efforts is in large part up to you. For example, during Oreo’s World Record attempt, the brand was dealt a significant curveball when rapper Lil Wayne entered himself into the race for the record. Oreo saw this as an opportunity to bring its community even closer together, as fans rallied around the beloved cookie brand. And although Lil Wayne eventually broke the record, it was a win-win as his unexpected entry brought more attention to Oreo’s effort and generated tremendous buzz around the event.

4. How do you craft content to connect with brand fans around the world? A key question for brands managing social community is how to capture the interest and imagination of tens of millions of people who hail from dozens of nations and cultures. The answer for Oreo is to focus on brand love and community – the very things that brought its fans together in the first place.

Check out Oreo’s global community at http://facebook.com/oreo.


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