The Impact of Facebook Timeline for Brands [Study]

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As of March 30th all Facebook pages need to be updated to the new Timeline format. We at Perks Consulting decided to take some time and plan an integrated cover and profile photo for the new Facebook Timeline. You can take a look at it here. Besides just looking better, the new Timeline is also better for engagement. Here are some stats from a study that SimplyMeasured conducted:

New Facebook Pages Drive Higher Engagement Rates

On February 29th (just over three weeks ago!) Facebook announced the upgrade that brands had been eagerly waiting for: Timeline. As with all major Facebook launches, marketers had big expectations. Facebook promised that Timeline would help “showcase brand’s unique stories and identities” and improve how consumers interact and engage with their favorite brands.

This study aims to get beyond the hype and measure the real impact of this change by analyzing the Facebook Fan Pages of 15 early adopters from a variety of industries. We measured Timeline’s impact by comparing engagement rates before and after Timeline was implemented for these pages.

Brands Get 46% More Engagement Per Post With Timeline:

Looking at our complete sample of early adopters shows the following increase in engagement when you compare averages before Timeline vs averages after Timeline:

1. 14% Increase in Fan Engagement
2. 46% Increase in Content Engagement
3. 65% Increase in Interactive Content Engagement (Video and Photo)

Looking at each individual brand in our samples shows that nearly all have had an engagement lift since Timeline launched. Livestrong, Toyota, Humane Society, and Red Bull showing the largest percentage increase within this group, all with dramatic lift in their per post averages.

How Timeline is Changing the Game for Brands

Facebook Timeline presents Fan Pages in a totally new light. This redesign is much more visual, focused on interactive content, and provides new features that give brands more control over how their Fan Page looks and feels. All of this is playing a role in how brand and consumers can engage on Fan Pages.

Disproportionate Engagement Growth for Multimedia Content

One key promise of Facebook Timeline is that fans should have an easier time finding and engaging with compelling content posted by the brands they care about.  Based on our initial findings related to engagement, this is exactly what is happening, and it’s particularly relevant for multimedia content (photo and video).

Photos and videos tend to drive positive engagement. Now that this interactive content has the ability to stand out even more on a page — with the new features like starring and pinning — it is not surprising that engagement is also on the rise. For example, looking at this starred Red Bull photo, it is easy to see why fans are drawn to engage with it, particularly in this new, larger, format.

Content Discovery is Becoming Easier

Fan Engagement is up 14%

Another key component of Timeline is the ease at which fans can discover content about a particular brand. This allows brands to tell their story and turn their page into a more deeply enriched and engaging experience.

Again, we can start attributing this increased exposure to the new features, particularly pinning. Looking at this Toyota example, they are continuing to raise awareness and draw attention to this event they are sponsoring. This piece of content was posted on March 10th, over ten days ago. And it is still receiving engagement, even within the last 24 hours.

As all of these are early findings, we’re going to update this over the coming months and continue to track the impact of Facebook Timeline. Be sure to check back!

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