Perks Consulting Joins the G-20Y Summit As Event Partner and Delegate

By Perks |

This week, Perks CEO Lauren Perkins will head to Paris, France to participate in the G-20Y Summit. This annual global conference hosts young business leaders with the goal of ideating a set of global recommendations that will be shared with the G20 Heads of State and other leading international organizations.

As a young entrepreneur who is highly involved in the startup community, Lauren will provide her entrepreneurial perspective as a US Delegate on Innovation, Technology, Communication, and Social Mass Media. Lauren looks to support this discussion with her personal perspective that the growth of the entrepreneurial mindset and growing volume of startups will help create the community support and innovative thinking we need to overcome the large obstacles we face ahead. As part of this committee Lauren plans to discuss the opportunities and risks that this growing field has on political developments in the world and economic stability. Delegate participants from the participating global 20 economies will discuss how new media and technology has revolutionized business models and how businesses can use media as a channel of communication.

Lauren is encouraged to see that the G-20Y values innovation, technology and communication as a contributing solution to the worldwide financial crisis. To read Lauren’s thoughts and stay updated on what is happening at the G-20Y, follow her on Twitter at @laurenperkins.


The G-20Y Generation gathers every year for a 3 to 4 day G-20Y Summit that aims to prepare a set of Recommendations to be spread across the world and to be shared, in particular, with the G-20 Heads of State and leading international organizations. The G-20Y Generation represents successful young business leaders from the G-20 countries, aged 25 to 45 (the G-20Y Generation). These Summits are a unique opportunity for young business leaders to gather and exchange ideas and best business practices and to create strong personal and professional bonds.

Over 3 or 4 days, the G-20Y Summits gather business leaders for plenary sessions, and discussions in working groups, round tables and face-to-face meetings. On the basis of an agenda prepared in advance by the Expert Council, Chair and Business Assembly Board, about 150 delegates, representing all of the G-20 countries, prepare and discuss the final G-20Y Summit Recommendations. During the G-20Y Summits, delegates also highly value their direct contact with key members of our Supporting Institutions such as the IMF, the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.


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