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Meet Felicia Moeis,
Managing Director at Girls in Tech NYC

Q: What does experiential marketing entail?

A: Experiential marketing takes a savvy and management oriented professional that is immersed in the cultural trends and developments of all things digital, media-related, and lifestyle oriented. My experience has been incredibly diverse with work in the entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, consumer research and tech industries, providing a range of valuable insight into the intersection between each of these realms and their unique culture.

Marketers must be able to thrive on making sure goals and projects are achieved between multiple people, groups, and organizations with sensitivities to the nuances and priorities from each party. These psychographic details sometimes make or break the underlying attitudes towards a project or the community being fostered. With Girls In Tech NYC I manage a team of volunteers to support promotional efforts, social media initiatives, and produce events. Given the organization’s broad mission, it is imperative to always keep a toe in a variety of discourses and dialogues, especially with technology’s far reach in new and fascinating capabilities.

As the Assistant Producer for Perks Consulting on Vator Splash NY and TEDxTribeca Women, I look to make sure all details are considered as it relates to the promotional plan as well as the day of event logistics. Especially at Perks, we take special care to ensure we are taking all of the different audiences into consideration as we work with media partners, sponsors, venues, industry influencers, speakers, VC’s, founders, start-ups and many more.
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