US Elections Via Social Media – Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, Miso, Gowalla, Google, Glue

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Remember when you used to vote in the US elections and not get anything except a sense of pride through civic duty? Well you can still get that sense of pride through civic duty, but now you can also get social media BADGES!

Here are some of the many interactive marketing engagements that social networks have done for the elections:


"Today, to help you remember to vote, we’ve loaded over 100,000 voting locations into the foursquare venue database. When you check in at one (they’re all called ‘voting location’), you’ll unlock an ‘I Voted’ badge. (And for absentee or mailed votes, you can unlock the badge by checking in somewhere and shouting “I Voted.”)

We’ve also created a data-filled map, in partnership with Rock the Vote, the Pew Trusts, Google, the Voting Information Project, Engage, Twitter Vote Report, and Jess3, to share a sampling of foot traffic at each polling location. "




"We show the election day message to all users who are accessing Facebook from a country that is currently in an election period. The U.S. Politics on Facebook page highlights the use of Facebook by politicians, elected officials, and political campaigns. The Page also shares tips and best practices as well as news from Facebook."


"Check-in to NBC News Decision 2010 (coverage starts at 6:30 pm ET) and MSNBC: The Place for Politics 2010 (coverage starts at 6:00 pm ET) on November 2nd and unlock two special badges."


"Between now and Election Day, just check-in at your polling place or city hall and mention “vote” or “voted” in your comment (as in, “Voted early so no lines and more cookies!”). When you post that to Twitter and/or Facebook, you’ll receive this patriotic Pin. "


"We’re excited to extend our partnership with PBS for a special set of limited-time-only stickers for tonight’s election coverage. Whether you vote Republican, Democrat, independent, or something else entirely, PBS NewsHour and its lauded team will have the midterm elections covered both online and on TV. At 10 p.m. Eastern, viewers can tune-in exclusively online for updates on how the nation’s races are looking, and when the clock hits 11:00, coverage can also be seen through your local PBS station.  If you check-in to NewsHour via our apps or our website, you can earn these stickers."

See and download the full gallery on posterous

See and download the full gallery on posterous


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