New Tech Obsession: Skitch

By Perks |

In a collaborative environment, the ability to easily share and provide feedback on files and ideas is essential. And while it’s still in beta, Skitch is a webservice that turns out to be the perfect solution for these needs.

Skitch was created by the folks at, a company dedicated to creating fun, inspiring computer interfaces and experiences, such as the popular photo app Comic Life. Skitch allows you to take a screenshot of an application or website, write or draw directly on the screenshot and then share it with others.

Let’s say, for example, that you want to point out a specific section of a website to one of your co-workers. Rather than emailing the URL and writing “Look in between paragraph 2 and the right hand column on the upper left….” Skitch users can simply take a screenshot, make a circle around the area they want to draw attention to and scribble, “Yo, check this out.”

Everyone who signs up for Skitch also gets a separate web page, on which they can upload all images or screenshots. Your webpage includes one-step buttons to embed the files on blogs or other websites.

The best way to describe the service is like PhotoShop plus Preview combined. If you’ve ever been in a situation in which you have been wishing for a simpler, easier way to share images and ideas online, then Skitch is definitely for you.

Follow Skitch on Twitter and try out the service yourself.


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