The Pepsi #Promise

By Perks |

Last week was New York’s Internet Week, a seven-day span of events, panels, sessions and meetups held to celebrate the city’s thriving internet community. The Perks team attended a number of activities during the week to learn more about how the industry is inspiring and leading business. One of these included a panel with Bonin Bough of PepsiCo, hosted by DigitalFlashNYC.

During the DigitalFlashNYC panel, Bough outlined the details of the “Promise of Pepsi” and the brand’s dedication to social and environmental change. In early 2010, Pepsi announced a series of commitments focused on health, nutrition and the environment. For many consumers, one of the most noticeable changes has been “the world’s first compostable chip bag” for the brand’s SunChips product. In addition, The Pepsi Refresh Project is giving back to the public by providing grant money to individuals, businesses and non-profits with ideas that provide a positive impact on our community.

According to Salman Amin, the EVP Sales and Marketing at PepsiCo, “The Promise of PepsiCo is based on two ideas: that we can achieve our business goals while making the world a better place and that our impact is only made bigger and better through collaboration with other companies, organizations and individuals.”

We look forward to see what other initiatives PepsiCo introduces to continue realizing its Promise and thank DigitalFlashNYC for sponsoring and organizing this event.


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