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DataRockit Launches Disruptive Contest, Driving Technology Innovation

May 24, 2010 (New York, NY) At the height of the online privacy debate, DataRockit, a leader in data services technology, is opening up its 3.1B criminal, consumer, sex offender and real estate records for an application development contest. Launching today, with TechCrunch Disrupt, the contest challenges developers to construct an application that utilizes the database records in DataRockit’s comprehensive infrastructure to help look after the communities where we live. The Disruptive contest will run through June 7, 2010, the kickoff of New York Internet Week.

In line with DataRockit’s dedication to protecting communities, the company will fully partner with the winning developer to build out a functioning application, powered by the DataRockit platform. All data for the Disruptive Contest will be provided FOR FREE (record queries may otherwise cost up to $30 per query).

“Our goal is to challenge how developers capitalize on user information to create applications that help our societies, rather than to exploit them,” says Roy Johnson, CEO of DataRockit. “Nobody has ever released this amount of information on such a large scale, and I believe there is a huge opportunity for the person who finds just the right way to work with the data.”

All developer proposals will be due by June 7, 2010, and the winner will be announced on June 14, 2010 as Internet Week comes to a close. The winner will then have the summer to build out a application and present it to DataRockit. The winning application will be unveiled in the fall, and will receive a contract from DataRockit offering (1) the data necessary to run the proposed application, (2) data infrastructure and hosting services, and (3) developer support.


DataRockit, Inc. is the leader in data services technologies powering some of the largest online information applications in the world. DataRockit’s state of the art data infrastructure stores and processes billions of records serving millions of requests daily in sub-second times to the world’s most demanding clients. The DataRockit platform allows businesses to utilize the most comprehensive, current, and relevant consumer, criminal, sex-offender, and real-estate data with none of the management and technology overhead of acquiring and utilizing these enormous data sets.


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