Perks Consulting Acquires Esultancy

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NEW YORK, NY, MARCH 2, 2010 – With social media influencing the way we communicate, Perks Consulting announces today their commitment to expand their social media and technology capabilities by acquiring Esultancy, a social media consultancy based in New York.

“The marketplace has changed, as has the way consumers interact and make purchasing decisions. As consumers push their needs and demands to the companies that service them, businesses are forced to respond,” Lauren Perkins, Founder and President, Perks Consulting, said enthusiastically. This timely business move will allow Perks to build out its social media department as well as further develop its campaign and delivery methods in this arena to better serve current and prospective clients.

After a strong year in growth in 2009, in which Perks doubled in business, Esultancy is excited about Perks’ infrastructure and ability saying, “The Perks acquisition will create a new organization that’s poised to deliver on the 21st century marketing and social media needs of a wide variety of companies”.

With fearless vision, creative passion and aggressive drive, working in tandem with a rockstar team of business strategists, social media buffs, web designers, seasoned journalists and marketing visionaries, Perks Consulting devises strategic marketing and branding solutions that synergize both traditional and digital media to create insightful innovative campaigns. “Social media builds audiences faster. It took television 14 years to reach a market audience of 50 million people. It took Facebook two years” (Stone).

As of today, the companies will begin the execution of the acquisition in which Oz Sultan (@ozsultan) will be retained as an executive advisor to Perks Consulting through 2011. Khayyam Wakil (@iamkhayyam), of Esultancy, will join the Perks Consulting team as Social Media Director. With strategy being the foundation of both businesses, the infusion of Esultancy into Perks Consulting will support the breadth and depth of the digital reach that Perks began in 2008. Renzi Stone, 26 Aug. 2009. Web. 9 Sept. 2009. <>.


Perks Consulting entered the marketing and media industry in 2004.  Today, Perks Consulting is, a strategic Marketing and Branding Consultancy based in Soho, New York City.  Led by Lauren Perkins, entrepreneurial business strategist and digital marketing maven, with a constant focus on emerging trends and tools to consistently exceed client objectives and achieve desired metrics.

With a brand-centric, bottom line focus cultivated by work with Nike, Crunch Fitness and Laser Cosmetica as well as consulting for ABC, Toyota and Bloomingdales the Perks Consulting team has leveraged content and event marketing tactics combined with marketing know-how to create engaging multi-faceted strategies and campaigns for clients. Perks Consulting has also worked closely with start-ups such as ADRail, Yoga Local, and AB skincare from business strategy to brand. From entrepreneurs to emerging brands including 85 Broads and eDiets, our team of experts have the industry savvy, and ability to fulfill businesses creative, marketing, and media needs.


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