Spread Holiday Cheer to Your Colleagues, Contacts and Clients!

By claire |

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Don’t let the daunting task of making out holiday cards for clients, colleagues and contacts dampen your holiday spirit! There are many ways that you can spread holiday cheer through e-blasts, online and handwritten cards without breaking the holiday office mood (or the bank!)

Holiday E-Blast

A holiday e-blast is a great way to wish all of your contacts well for the holidays.  Remember when Mom used to write that holiday newsletter to family and friends you may have lost touch with throughout the year? Send out a cheerful holiday newsletter to all of those in your “company family” with an update on the success of your company for the past year and maybe a sneak peek for the New Year.  Encourage contacts to write back and share their triumphs and setbacks from the past year. As the end of the year draws closer, reflecting on the good and bad of 2009 can bring you together and renew the sense of hope for 2010.nuart_holiday_cards

Online Cards

Another fun (and cheap!) way to keep in touch over the holiday season is to send online greeting cards to your contact book.  These can be personalized and sent individually or more generic and sent to a large number of contacts to save time. Make sure that you pick an greeting card template that is in line with your brand identity and is warm, but professional. (Leave all cartoons and humorous cards at the door, or for contacts with which you have a more established rapport.) Free and inexpensive e-cards can be found at the Hallmark website or at 123 Greetings.

holidaycardsnowHandwritten Cards

Unless you want a writer’s cramp, save personalized, handwritten cards for those very special clients with whom you have a longstanding relationship. Go to your local card shop or check out Cards Direct.com and pick up a box of inexpensive greeting cards (again professional and consistent with your brand) and spend a slow Friday afternoon with some holiday music writing greeting cards.  If you have a lot of cards to write, enlist a few of your team members with more free time to give you a hand or lick a few stamps. Feeling ambitious? Take a team photo and send out photo greeting caholiday_gift_basket_hc916rds to clients who know your team well.

Client Gifts

If budget allows, send top-tier clients a small holiday gift. Make a list of all new and current clients with whom you’ve kept a relationship throughout the past year, include key players in the company, as well as any management representatives with which your company has closely worked.  Your gifts don’t have to be extravagant, but make sure they are from the heart.  Here are a few inexpensive, but tasteful, client holiday gift ideas.  To save a few bucks, get some of the craftier members of your team together after work one evening for some hot cocoa and gift-making time.  This will create a team bond and give each member the feeling that they are contributing to the holiday celebrations. For crafty gift ideas check out the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Network–and don’t forget good food is always a big hit!

Whether you send your client a free online card to purchase a gift, make sure that you take a moment this holiday season to give back to your clients.


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