Hosting the Perfect Office Holiday Party

By claire |

eviteOffice holiday parties are an excellent way to boost employee morale and head into the New Year revived and passionate about your company goals. To be the hostess (or host!) of the mostest, follow these simple tips and get your party on:

•    The first thing you must determine as host is your budget. After analyzing your budget and working out what you can afford, determine whether this is a formal or casual party. From there you can ascertain where to host it, what to serve and begin sending out invites to your guests informing them on the shindig’s vibe.

•    If you are planning on serving alcohol, it is vital that you provide transportation for guests to get home safely. Whether you create a designating driving system or offering pre-paid cabs, you don’t want to worry about how your fellow employees are going to get home.

•    When considering decorations, be conscious of your employees’ beliefs and keep the holiday theme neutral.

•    Music should not be too loud. After all, you want your guests to be able to interact without shouting.

•    Make sure to take photos at your party and post them on your company website.

•    It’s your party, enjoy yourself, engage, mingle with your guests and have fun!


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