Get on your Boss’ “Nice” List at the Company Holiday Party!

By claire |

the_office_partyCheer, merriment and good spirit are circulating the chilly air and the company holiday party is right around the corner. This is a perfect opportunity to socialize with your co-workers, make great impressions on your superiors and get to know the people you work with outside of business small talk. You get that invitation, first things first: RSVP and utilize these tips to be a great gracious guest.

•    It’s a holiday party, dress festively. That does not mean sporting a Santa suite, but a classy, generally semi-formal, company appropriate outfit should be your go-to.

•    These are social events, so by all means socialize, laugh, sing a holiday tune if the opportunity presents itself, but keep in mind that you are at a company function and the decisions you make should be responsible and respectable.

•    With that in mind, no one likes a stiff at a party, so enjoy yourself. Don’t structure all talk about work, deadlines and bosses, but rather, use this as a way find other common interests with your fellow employees. How are your kids? Did you see that game? We go skiing in Vail every year, how about you?

•    Bringing a tasteful gift is a nice gesture to show your appreciation for the party and for being a part of the company.

•    Showing a genuine interest in co-workers and involving everyone in conversation will keep the party going. No one likes to feel like the odd ball out, save that for Jr. High dances.

•    Use the holiday party as a venue to speak with those who you don’t usually interact with. Schmooze with the President or other departments, look at this as an opportunity to network within your company. Making a connection on a personal level, in some cases, can give you an advantage.

•    Don’t go overboard with the free drinks and food. Especially if you are going to use this as a networking forum, moderation is something to tactfully employ.

•    Most of all, have fun! Take advantage of this treat and be thankful for it!


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