Clearing off Your Desk for the New Year!

By claire |

herald-messy-desk1Holiday shopping is calling, your dry cleaning is waiting and you are ready for VACATION! But wait, before leaving for the holidays, roll up your selves, dedicate some time and clean your desk to start the New Year off organized and ready to be productive.

•    As simple as it sounds: file your papers! While most of your documents may be digital, those papers stacking up on your desk are there for a reason (and if they are not, recycle them and get rid of them). Categorize those that do serve a purpose; put them in folders and make them accessible.

•    Do a quick inventory of what you are missing and what you may need for the New Year. Staples, tape, screen cleanser, you name it, make a list and inform the appropriate people in charge of supplies.

•    Get rid of clutter. If the business cards you obtained from all your networking meetings are scattered, its time to enter the data into your contact management system and store the cards in a particular place. If they are transferred digitally, you may even be able to toss the card to eliminate even more clutter.

•    Look at your computer desktop. Is it overflowing with documents that can be placed elsewhere in more specific files? You be the judge, but having a clean computer desktop makes finding folders easier, not to mention it is aesthetically pleasing.

•    Make a quick reminder list of meetings, phone calls or any other follow-ups that you have to do after the holidays.

•    Last but not least, wipe-down your workspace: desk, computer screen, keyboard, chair, and anything else you want squeaky clean.

Now go enjoy your holidays!!


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