Use Online Resources to Find Networking Opportunities!

By claire |

Online marketing will help you find networking events that will generate in both business and buzz! Using online marketing to uncover offline networking has proven to be a success for any business, no matter what size. Investing in online marketing will increase your network, but make sure to stay updated about face-to-face networking opportunities. A great way to do this is by attending networking events related to your industry and primary objectives.

Here are some great sites that offer a wide range of industry related seminars, news and most of all networking events.

1Mediabistro: Offers seminars, webinars and networking events for media professionals all over the country. Also a great resource for new trends, jobs and news related to media.

Manhattan Chamber of Commerce: Provides extensive website and source for research with a separate events section that collects and presents a number of events cross a wide variety of industries.

Meetup: The world’s largest network of local Meetup groups. Allows anyone to start a group where the objective is13 to meet face-to-face and cultivate common interests.

Starting your own Meetup group is a great and cost-effective way to promote your business, engage in more personal conversations and cultivate relationships that could possibly lead to new business ventures. Use your online marketing channels to promote your group’s meetings and events. Increase engagement and conversation about your business by utilizing both offline and online networking!

Apart from connecting with potential opportunities at networking events, your online network can also provide you with feedback so you can adapt to the market and your consumer’s behavior. Let the online network function as a market resource that informs you what works and not before the information does any harm to your business!


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