Aim High With Online Marketing

By claire |

homegraphicThere are several ways to measure and track the successes and challenges of your online marketing.  But, before you dive in and implement these tools and tactics,  there are a few steps that must be taken.

1. Define Success

In business, “success” is subjective and what may seem to be successful for one campaign may be seen as detrimental to another. Ensure that members of your team (and your client!) have a solid grasp on what success means for the particular campaign on which you are working. Does success mean a high number of hits to your website? Or does it mean positive response from the community? Will you measure success by lead conversion, traffic or a combination of the two? Set goals that are measurable, realistic and specific and communicate these goals with your team in a public space.

2. Choose your Tools

With so many options for tracking online success, it is imperative that you choose a tool that is right for your company. For example, Google Analytics allows users to set and track goals. But, there are many other tools that measure a range of variables.  To determine which tool is right for you, consider the metrics you would like to measure and why each is important. Find one tool that measures all of your outlined metrics, or find several tools that measure them individually. Either way, set up a system that works for you.

3. Create a Results Report

What good are results if they aren’t shared with your team or client? Determine a system for communicating whether your goals have been reached to your team. Celebrate success (however you define it!) and brainstorm solutions in instances when goals are not met.  Measuring campaign progress will create a spirit of team work, and perhaps throwing incentive into the mix will create a little friendly competition that increases productivity! Share success with clients and members of your network through a newsletter. Get advice and feedback from your network using social media.

When tracking goals and measuring success, communication is key! Results are no good if they are kept to yourself and goals can not be met unless they are defined. So, before you set your goals talk to your team and client–but above all, aim high and the sky is the limit!


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