Twitter: Launching Your Small Business in the Social Networking World

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Posted by Sumontro Roy.

With the growing popularity of Twitter and major brands already interacting online, it’s important for Small Businesses to understand the value of “becoming social.”

How important is it to be socially active?twitter-network

Ah, but it is extremely important! Building strong relationships with your target market is more important than ever before. Having the chance to listen, stay in touch and connect with thousands of people instantly is the real value of this new channel of instant communication.

However, you must clearly outline how to launch your brand in this social world before you jump on the social media bandwagon. Here are some key things to remember and ask about your business before going “live”:

  • Treat your brand as a
    person, define your personality
  • Identify your values and beliefs (Brand Identity)
  • What does your brand say that is different from others? What conversations can you join and make a real contribution? (Differentiation)
  • How can you make your conversation relevant to your business? (Promotion Strategy)

Remember, that, as human beings we like people who know how to listen to us, those that show us how much they care – that ultimately wins our trust. Building relationships is about having a rational and emotional connection and this is what your business now has the chance to do: Socialize and build loyal, lasting relationships with your customers, without even picking up the phone!

Importantly, social media is an extremely cost-efficient media selection for small businesses. And, given that a lot of such small businesses need to make the best possible use of their limited funds, it becomes that much more important to select, develop and implement an effective social media strategy.

Check out these Twitter tools that can help you identify your target market, join conversations that you want to be part of and deliver content based on your business strategy and expected ROI:

Video Link:

Feel free to contact the Team at Perks for developing an effective and efficient social media strategy for your business – we look forward to hearing from you!


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