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linkedin4Linkedin is based on a simple philosophy, “Relationships matter.” In today’s competitive and tough economic landscape, it has become more important than ever to maintain and cultivate your relationships. Linkedin is considered to be the #1 social media platform for professional networking. Launched in 2003, Linkedin has grown into an online network that only a few days ago surpassed 50 million users from around the world representing 150 industries. The goal is to connect with former colleagues, potential business partners and/or old classmates to uncover business opportunities. Keep Linkedin’s philosophy in mind when you’re networking on Linkedin. Make sure to keep it professional and act as if every relationship is of great importance. This means that if you meet someone at a networking event make sure to follow up with this person and when sending out the request to connect, do not send out the standardized message. Make sure to include a short but personal note from your first meeting.

The most important on Linkedin is your profile. It needs to be perfect! In this case, perfect means completely filled out, flawless with no grammatical errors and preferably with additional Linkedin tools implemented. Think of your profile as your resume in depth. There are a number of tools and tricks that can be utilized to improve your profile so that it stands out and increases your business opportunities.

Enhance your search engine results by implementing strong key words. Both recruiters and individuals often use the search function. You will increase your chances of having your profile appearing if you make sure to spread out keywords on your page.

Update your status. By using or your status can be pushed to all of your social networks at once. Just remember that Linkedin is not a place to write that you’re craving Jell-O. The status should reflect your work and provide the other users with the latest updates of what is going on within your company.

A great way to build your brand is to utilize the “Answer” function. Here is where you show your expertise by answering, but also by asking questions. By sharing knowledge within your network you’ll earn expert status and increased credibility.

Create and join groups. They are free to join and you’re allowed to join more than 50 groups. This is an easy way to explore and get access to a number of connections. By joining a group you can connect with the other group members, which might end up being your future business partner, customer or investor. Every group also has a discussion board where everything from tips and job postings to new opportunities and expert comments are displayed.

Ask for recommendations. There is nothing wrong in requesting a recommendation from previous colleagues, employer or clients, as long as you’re clear about your intentions. Remember that the more recommendations you write, the more people will recommend you.

This brings us back to one of the key points when utilizing any social media platform: you have to give in order to receive the benefits!


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