How to Choose the Right Networking Events

By claire |

When considering what networking events to attend it is important to be strategic in order to garner the results you seek. First of all, you must identify what kind of people you are hoping to connect with. What are your goals? What do you want to get out of the event? What people are you trying to target?  By having a specific set of criteria, you can narrow down what networking events will be the most useful to attend.

3ccutec_nav-networking_eventsBy varying up your networking routine, for instance, attending a BNI breakfast meeting or an after work happy hour, you can expand your reach and come in contact with a variety of different prospects.

Networking events are successful when you target those businesses or individuals who are need the services you provide. With research, you can discover events with like-minded or industry specific companies that appeal to your business. Whether you are looking to break into a new field, expand already established brands, or get referrals or new clients, networking events are crucial for business growth and it is a venue that must be utilized.


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