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By claire |

resizedimage430215-plant_growYou’ve built an amazing network of contacts, potential clients and business partners. Great! But, think of your network like a plant–it only grows when it is fed and nurtured. Don’t go sprinkling MiracleGro on your contacts just yet. Networks are fed by information and engagement. So how can you engage your network?

Of course, you can use social media for quick updates and day-to-day engagement. But, don’t forget the power of a newsletter.  You can send a mass online newsletter to your entire contact book or you can opt to send a print letter to your inner-circle. Either way works as long as you understand how to effectively position and utilize your newsletter. Here are a few quick tips and benefits to keeping your network in the know. A newsletter can be used for:

News and Information

Keep your network up to date about your accomplishments. A newsletter gives your compmailbox1any a chance to shine and showcase its success. Also, keeping your network in the loop about your current projects may peak their interest and they may even lend a hand (or a contact!)


By including relevant links and resources in your newsletter, you make it more interesting and, thus, engaging.  Your network will want to read your newsletter if you include interesting facts or links to articles written by yourself or well-known sources in your field. This also reminds your network that your company is a credible resource, with your finger close to the pulse of the industry.


Sending out a cheerful and informative newsletter to a wide audience can help you expand your network. If your newsletter is effective and well-written, members of your network may pass it along to their friends and colleagues, allowing you to cast a wider net, increase brand awareness and explore new markets.


Don’t let your network forget about you! Popping a monthly newsletter in their mailbox (electronic or not) reminds your network that you’re an innovator and expert that is constantly looking out for their interests.

Think newsletters are a thing of the past? Has social media replaced newsletters? Perhaps. But, there is something special about getting a personalized piece of mail that no tweet could replace.


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