Facebook: Building your Brand Online

By claire |

Social networking is on everyone’s lips nowadays. No wonder. Not since the Internet took over people’s minds, money and time have we seen such a boom in the world of social and business networking. Social media is free and for everyone. What differs though is how people choose to utilize the social media platforms. Take Facebook for example. Some people like to take quizzes that tell them what animal they will be in their next life. Others choose a different approach: the approach that will increase their business, connections and career opportunities.

So what are the tricks for turning Facebook into a networking tool that will bring success to your company?

facebook1First of all, remember that social media works best when there is synergy. Simply put, social media comes best in pairs or more! Cyberspace is huge, but by utilizing multiple communication channels you will increase your chances of attracting people’s attention and interest.

When you set up a Facebook account, make sure to combine this with a blog and/or website. WordPress offers a tool that will link your blog to Facebook. Every time you publish a new post your Facebook friends will be notified.

Keep your Facebook page professional, but still personal. Adding a personal touch will build trust and create a more personal relationship between you and your clients. There is nothing wrong in adding pictures of family and friends. This shows your clients that you’re more than just a company.

The Flickr2Facebook uploader is an easy tool that allows you to upload your photos and then easily connect them to Facebook.

Add applications selectively. The applications should be related to your field and if they don’t say something about your business or what your business (not you as a person) is looking to achieve, you probably do best in not adding that application.

Sendible is another useful tool for business owners that want to schedule their updates. You can schedule status, feeds, comments, emails and much more. It’s perfect when you want to connect with all your social network contacts, but you don’t have the time or access to a computer.

From a business perspective, keep in mind that there is no reward for having 500 friends on Facebook. You’d rather have 80 qualitative business connections versus 700 where none of them work in your sector or share the same interests.
Edit your news feed preferences in a way that is beneficial to your business. You may not need to know every time your news feed gets updated, but if someone your looking to do business with posts something you would want to know so that you can respond. That brings us to the last and one of the fundamental things when it comes to Facebook and any other Social media. Be active! It’s all about sharing your thoughts and ideas. Respond if you see an interesting comment, relevant question or feed. Let people know what you think. Only then will you experience increased engagement and conversation about your company!


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