Productivity on the Run

By claire |

200245827-001Today, productivity and multitasking on the run is essential for busy professionals.  When it comes to optimizing time and resources while traveling what you do and with what tools is the key to maximizing every opportunity.   Keep busy on the road by packing all of your essentials and bringing extra material, just in case.   For me, I have a rolling Tumi laptop bag with two extra pendaflex compartments.  This turns into my traveling desk when on the road.  Choose a versatile traveling case and prepare yourself for whatever may come.


Tip #1: Have reading materials on hand.  I print out several items that need to be reviewed as well as have a couple of my favorite business pubs in my outside Tumi traveling office pocket so I can catch up on reading while waiting in line or re-charging my phone, laptop or whatever other devices that may have died on a long flight.

Tip #2. Have chargers easily accessible.  You never know when your phone or laptop is going to die and being able to squeeze in a few minutes of charge when you spot an outlet can be the key to getting you back online or saving what you had in progress.  I always store this in an outer compartment for easy access.

Tip #3.
Pack like a mom.  Ever see those moms who travel and seem to have every possible emergency item in their bag of tricks?  Well, moms are the master planners because they too never know what they may need or when.  Packiller_travelk an emergency toiletry kit with Advil or Excedrin gel tabs (the most absorption), stain removers, toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash and anything else you may need.  I also always pack an emergency Clif bar and package of almonds for a filling snack.

Know your Mode of Transportation

On the subway – This is an ideal time to catch up with emails.  What’s more, plan in advance: email yourself documents to review and provide feedback in between subway stops.
On the road - Your hands may be tied, but there are plenty of things to do if you’re driving.  This is a great time for conference calls, catching up with audio books or even enjoy some relaxing radio and brainstorm time.  I always have my iPhone handy to take voice notes for recording ideas that spring up.
On the plane - A great time to tackle bigger projects on your laptop: writing, reviewing, etc. But don’t rely solely on your computer.  I’ve gotten stuck on too many flights where the cabin pressure would not allow my Mac to boot up. (I now always get onto the plane with my computer in sleep mode.) Just in case, have reading on hand.  Whether its industry pubs and books, or print outs of items that are lengthier,  you’ll be happy you came prepared.

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