Perks Goes Green!

By Perks |

1Did you know that using plug-in hybrid cars would reduce our petroleum use by 80%? Last night the Perks team went green by attending an exlusive screening of the new green documentary Fuel. Winner of the Best Documentary Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival, Fuel uncovers the truth behind our dependence to oil and the powerful ways in which the government and automobile industry dictate our fuel usage. It’s no secret that there is an essential need to explore alternative fuel options, but the brilliance of Fuel lies in its discussion not of the problem, but of the solutions. The depth at which Josh Tickell delves intophoto natural and sustainable fuel alternatives creates a compelling argument that few could dispute. At the end of the screening, Tickell was joined by a panel of green experts for a dynamic discussion about the power of going green. Check out the theatrical trailer and learn more about building a sustainable future by educating yourself about the fuel crisis and volunteering on green projects in your community. Show your support and go green by checking out Fuel, playing this weekend at the AMC Empire 25 in Times Square and at limited theaters nationwide throughout the fall.


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