Bringing your Brand Online

By claire |

Traditionally, all marketing is executed with the 4 P’s in mind:

  • Price
  • Product
  • Place
  • Promotion

internet_marketing1But with the world of communication rapidly changing, it’s time to build off our marketing foundation to integrate new marketing techniques that are relevant to emerging media.  In today’s ever-changing marketing landscape, marketing professionals have more tools in their belts to promote your product or service. Your website, social media presence and even emailing consumers allows your brand to reach its target audience with just a few clicks of a mouse. In turn, consumers can enter your branded world without even getting out of their chair!

So, when creating your brand’s online identity, there are a few more tips to keep in mind. (But, don’t leave the 4 P’s behind!) For your brand to be effectively marketed online, you must ensure your online marketing (or eMarketing) is:


With all of the brands that are marketing online today, there is an over-saturation of information and soon enough your potential customer becomes just another face in the crowd. Don’t neglect your consumer! Make your customers feel like the website was made for them. By keeping the needs of your consumer in mind and personalizing your online marketing to fit their needs as often as possible, you will make your customer feel special and important. Once you gain consumer trust, the purse strings start to loosen.


All of your online marketing needs to be tailored to a very specific audience.  Consumers online have the power to determine their online experience. With the abundance of information online today, consumers can be selective. So make sure that your brand message reaches the right hands. Think about your ideal consumer. What websites would he/she visit? What does he/she want out of their online experience? Targeting your campaign directly to your ideal consumer makes the most of your marketing dollars.


Taking your marketing efforts online affords you the unique opportunity to engage with your consumer in a place where they feel comfortable. Start conversations with you customers! Find out why they love your product or service and what they think is missing. Conversation with your consumer can unlock their wants and needs and provide powerful insight to help you improve your brand. Plus your potential customer will have that warm and fuzzy feeling by knowing how much you care.

The business world is shifting, as are the tactics that marketing professionals must use to get the word out about your brand. As modes of communication evolve, it’s important to remember your marketing roots and to adapt your marketing strategy to fit the medium. So, ride the wave of change and bring your brand online!


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