Using Down Time to Test Drive New Ideas

By claire |

asleep at work / schoolWhile business generally slows down during the month of August, don’t let those last humid summer days slip away as wasted workdays. Here are a few ideas for ways to optimize your down time and set your company up for a productive month.

Are you up to date on the latest news in your industry or field?

If the answer is no, August is the perfect time to play “catch up” with the latest trends, news and technology. You can begin by reviewing key online publications, book marking noteworthy articles and eventually, compiling your findings into a folder. It may be helpful to select the “Top 10 Must Read Articles” for the week and then summarize each article in a few sentences. Once you’ve completed those steps, forward your document—with the appropriate URL’s and short summaries—to the rest of your team. Not only will your colleagues appreciate the information you provide, but they might even choose to do the same for their particular specialty! Given the fast paced nature of the marketing industry, wherein new tools like social media applications and technologies develop daily, staying at the forefront of industry news may seem like a daunting task. However, by performing the steps listed above, you can make this task more manageable for you and your team.

Are your employees constantly searching for new business opportunities?

For many companies, exploring opportunities for new client acquisition is often pushed to the back burner duribusinessteam at a meetingng busy months. However, searching for new business opportunities should be a recurring deliverable for each and every employee. If you find yourself tempted to leave the office early in August, make your time worthwhile and attend a local networking event instead. Networking events can be a great way to speak with small business owners, develop new contacts and ultimately, open the door to new business opportunities.

Be innovative!

As you are researching the latest industry news (as discussed above), I’m sure you’ve come across some innovative ideas. Schedule a meeting with your team or division so that you can discuss the “Top 10 Must Read Articles.” These articles can function as a springboard to a brainstorming session, specifically with the goal of integrating your findings into your company’s unique business model. Just as each industry evolves, your company as a whole should evolve, and constantly seek new ways to deliver creative solutions for your clients. By holding brainstorming sessions as a team, your company creates an outlet for creative expression and company development.


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