Q3 Wrap-Up, Q4 Ramp-up

By claire |

photo_meeting1As the third quarter draws to a close and the economy is not as stable as predicted, it’s time for some reflection.  Call a meeting with your team to discuss how third quarter, and the year as a whole, has gone for everyone.  Relive roadblocks and successes, brainstorm strategies to finish the year strong.  Here are a few tips to remember during your Q3 reflection.  Keep these ideas in mind as your ramp your team up for fourth quarter.

Stay Focused on your Vision

During tough times, it can be easy to lose sight of why you started your business in the first place.  Reflect on the reasons that you began your business, the needs your business fills and the ways that your team fufills these needs.  Start out your meeting by writing the company vision and/or mission statement on the board.  Ask your team what this means to them and how they can bring your vision to life during the fourth quarter.

Learn how to handle tough decisions

In the current economic climate, certain risks cannot be avoided and difficult decisions must be made every day.  Take a moment with your team to reflect on some of the most difficult decisions and largest risks that had to be made over the past quarter and year.  Anticipate any difficult decisions that may need to be made in Q4.  Discuss how those decisions could be handled and the best and worst case scenarios of each option.

Stay positive!

Sure, third quarter brought some setbacks and the sunny economic forecast didn’t completely play out.  But, that’s no reason that your company can’t cross the year-end finish line in a blaze of glory.  Pump up your team to finish the year strong by remembering the best and worst of the third quarter.


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